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Baking Equipments Needed to Start your own Bakery Classes

April 16th, 2018 · Buying Guide, Equipments

Nowadays, a lot of people have started opening baking business where they not only sell delicious goodies but teach other aspiring bakers too.

However, before you start going holding a baking class it is important that you purchase a few basic baking equipment in a large quantity so that your students can use them for the hands-on session. Don’t worry, we have prepared a list of baking tools that you will need to start your own baking classes.

1. Mixing Bowls

One of the most essential things that you will come across in professional bakery courses are mixing bowls. These bowls are usually made of stainless steel or plastic material and come in different sizes which is used to mix your ingredients together. All baking recipes are incomplete without a mixing bowl, so make you stock up on different sized mixing bowls in bulk to hold a class successfully.

2. Measuring Spoons and Cups

Baking is science and often requires you to use ingredients in a precise amount which is why measuring cups and spoons are essential for proper baking sessions. So, stock up on enough measuring utensils so that you can easily allow a batch of students to use them independently for their recipes.

3. Kitchen Scale

Every baker needs kitchen scale to measure ingredients while working on a recipe. So, make sure you purchase at least 5-10 scales which can be used by your entire baking class.

4. Parchment Paper

Another important material required for holding a baking class is parchment paper. Parchment paper is a great way to teach your students how to neatly prepare muffins, cupcakes, etc.

Parchment Paper

5. Whisk

Another important tool that every baking class needs is whisk which will be used for mixing the ingredients together. Make sure that you purchase a lot of whisks because each student will require at least 1 whisk to prepare their recipe. Whisks will be used in making cake batter, fluffing the eggs, etc. so don’t even think about skipping it.

6. Spatula

Another common baking tool that every baking class needs are spatulas which will be used for folding the batter and transferring it to the pans. Again, each student will need a single spatula for use, so make sure you purchase it keeping in mind the strength of your classes.

7. Rolling Pin

If your menu includes pies, breads, etc. then you would also need to keep rolling pins for your baking classes.

8. Baking Sheets

Any baking class without baking sheet is incomplete as you won’t be able to bake in the oven. Baking sheets are used to bake batches of cookies which is an important lesson in any baking class so make sure you have a large quantity of baking sheets that can be used for demonstration and hands-on session in your classes.

Baking Sheets

9. Cake Pans

A baking class without a lesson on cake baking is unheard of. So, make sure that keep several cake pans for your students to use and keep a few extra in case a few are dirty.

10. Stand Mixer/Hand Mixer

Most prestigious baking classes offer their students a proper teaching experience by providing them with stand mixers and hand mixers to use. While purchasing multiple stand mixers seem too costly, it is essential for a lot of baking recipes and a must-keep equipment in your kitchen. So, make sure you have sufficient quantity of hand mixers and stand mixers for your students to use.

11. Ovens

Let’s face it, any kitchen without an oven is incomplete and useless, especially if it is used for baking. So, to help your students get an actual feel of baking and how to set the appropriate time and temperature, it is important that you have a few ovens kept in your kitchen.


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Orama Montreal

December 4th, 2017 · Breakfast Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

On Montreal Greek Restaurant Orama Chef Deck says:

My grandparents love the chicken and the early bird special. It has been difficult to find a deal and quality, but our happy compromise these days is one of my Park-Ex favorites, Orama (some of my others are Tripoli, Halal 786, Marvin’s, and Village Grec). As far as quality, freshness, and price Orama is hard to beat. They make delicious charcoal whole grilled Greek chicken (among top 3 in the city), good Greek salad, bad-ass wedged home cut fries and an interestingly spiced rice. They are extremely consistent and have yet to disappoint. I gotta tell all of you how nice it is to not always have to go to Deli Boys anymore because it was truly messing with my libido.

Tastiness: 7.9999559/10
Ambiance: usually a like a ghost town/10
Price: $12, max $20 per person/10

Chef Deck signing out!


7000 avenue du Parc, Montréal, H3N 1X1
Phone: 514-278-3505
Hours: Mon – Fri 6:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sat & Sun 4 pm – 9:30 pm
Payment: Major Credit Card, Interac, Cash

If you want to share any details or reviews contact us here.

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Bar & Boeuf Montreal

November 28th, 2017 · Montreal Restaurants

On Montreal Restaurant Bar et Boeuf (Sea Bass & Beef) Chef Deck says:

One of the perks of being a Chef Deck is being invited to try new restaurants in order to do biased reviews. Luckily I’m a man of great honor (like Frank Dux, like put up your dux) and would never review a comped meal. What I do have to say about this reinvented bistro (formerly Wilson) is that the ambiance, menu, and prices are fresh, original and decent. They also have a great wine list which is reasonably priced. Another perk is that they got restaurant Le Local`s chef Alexandre Gosselin who is bound to keep things creative, and who introduced a 4 and 7-course taster menu ($49 – $59) with wine pairings ($79 – $109). So jewelers, I’m gonna leave the reviewing up to you on this one, go with your most discriminating pallets and let me know if you think it’s worth the hoopla!

Food presentation: geometric/10
Price: $8-$22 apps and $17-$30 mains/10
Tastiness: Up to our loyal followers/10

Chef Deck signing out!Bar & Boeuf Montreal


500 McGill (corner Notre-Dame), Old-Montreal
Metro: Square-Victoria
Phone: 514-866-3555
Hours: Lunch Tues – Fri 11:30 am – 2:00 pm; Dinner Tues – Sat 5:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Payment: Visa, MC, Amex, Interac

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Le Cartet Restaurant

November 16th, 2017 · Montreal Restaurant News, Montreal Restaurants

On Montreal Restaurant Le Cartet Chef Deck says,

Le Cartet

If you’re hip, emo, wear vintage sunglasses, have a faux hawk, bleach our skin, or use a vice grip to enter your jeans, Montreal Restaurant Le Cartet is the place for you! This place is almost as hip as Cary Tobin and serves mimosa with breakfast. I’ve been going here since day one, and have witnessed its great social climb. The food is very tasty (though the portions are small for a fat man), and the food market up front is quality. They now have sat down breakfast (very tasty), lunch, and dinner along with a great take out selection. For lunch, on this day we ate a tasty duck confit salad, and a well-presented fish of the day, all served with choice of soup (minestrone, gazpacho, or cream of corn). Personally, I would rather go to Beniamino & Co.or Café Titanic for lunch when I’m in the area, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. All and all Le Cartet is still a quality Montreal Restaurant, and I’ll never pass up a chance to go because it is amongst the best people watching places in our great city!

Tastiness: 8.13434235/10
Ambiance: Fellini movie/10
Price: $15-$25 person/10

Chef Deck signing out!Le Cartet

106, rue McGill, Montreal, QC
Metro: Square Victoria
Phone: 514-871-8887
Hours: Mon – Fri: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm, Sat-Sun: 9:00 am -5:00 pm
Payment: Interac, MasterCard, American Express, Visa

If you have any doubts regarding this Montreal, feel free to contact us here.

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4 Styles of Microwave Oven

November 9th, 2017 · Buying Guide

A Microwave is one of the most useful equipment that you could invest in as it can perform a variety of tasks for you while allowing you to focus on other home jobs. You can heat up your food while preparing other stuff and you can also use it to bake, grill, roast, and so on. Nowadays there are different styles of microwaves available in the market, each of them in different sizes, shapes, and features.

In this article, we will be discussing the different styles of microwave ovens that are available and will discuss their features and drawbacks. There are majorly four types of Microwave ovens – Countertop models, Above-Range Microwave Ovens, Microwave Oven Drawers and Combination Microwave-Conventional Ovens.

1. Countertop Model

One of the most popular style of a microwave oven which is also known as compact or portable microwaves and are quite small in size. This type of microwave ovens can easily be transported from one place to another and don’t take up a lot of space too. You can use this oven for thawing food, making food, reheating pizza, and so on.

Countertop Model

It is usually 18 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 12 inches tall and normally come with a power of 500-1000 watts. Apart from being portable, they are quite affordable too and can cost lower than $100.

2. Above-Range Microwave Ovens

Also known as Over-Range Microwave Ovens, this type of ovens are usually installed on top of the kitchen range. This is another popular type of microwave oven which has seen a lot of improvements in the recent years. There are many improvements made to the unit’s exhaust fan for better venting and filtering smoke.

In fact, a lot of models also have multispeed fans which are responsible for circulating air using replaceable charcoal filters. They don’t need to be vented outside and the exhaust fans switch on automatically when the stove becomes too hot. This type of oven requires space over your stove so you cannot have over-head cabinets.

3. Microwave Oven Drawers

Although this is a relatively new style of oven, it is still quite popular among users as it doesn’t take a lot of counter space but still provides you with the convenience and ease of using a microwave oven. Magazines like KitchenGuyd have been giving this type of ovens a lot of attention.

Microwave Oven Drawers

Although it might not be as easy to install it as a regular microwave but once it is installed, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

In fact, installing this microwave oven isn’t that complicated too so you will find it quite a useful microwave oven option.

4. Combination Microwave-Conventional Ovens

If you are looking for a luxurious model which not only offers you amazing cooking settings but also comes with a sleek stainless design. In this type of oven, you get both the conventional oven and the microwave in the same space.

The microwave is usually on top of the conventional oven and they usually have a drop-down door which adds convenience. Since they offer you both the settings, they are usually costly and can cost as much as $3000.

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Les Princesses Serveuse super Sexy XXX (Topless Breakfast)

May 29th, 2009 · Breakfast Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants, Pizza Restaurants

chef deck

chef deck says:

We journeyed to the far east with great expectations of culinary excellence and boobies, next to our city’s greatest architectural masterpiece being the Olympic Stadium. Huge mistake! First of all the coffee was lukewarm water, the cheese omelet wasn’t a fifth as good as an airplane one, the eggs were runny and gross, the patate’s tasted like they’d been cooked freezer burnt and fried in oil that’s been recycled a few hundred times, bacon good, and sausage good but something funky about them. Secondly, who really wants to look at 3-month pregnant strippers, and smell scented baby wipes while eating your first hung-over meal of the day besides 20-year-old American community college frat boys!

The fact that they play Metallica’s Unforgiven in a breakfast joint: 10/10
Food: Make you sick/10
A waste of my time (sorry Bus Boy Bob): 10/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Resto Bar Les Princesses d’Hochelaga also Les Princesses Serveuse super Sexy X X X
Les Princesses d’Hochelaga Website
4970 Hochelaga, Montréal; 514-255-0003
Hours: Mon – Fri 5:00 am – 12:00 am, Sat & Sun 5:00 am – 9 pm

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Mechant Boeuf Montreal

April 30th, 2009 · Montreal Restaurants, Steak

On Montreal Restaurant Mechant Boeuf Bar & Brasserie Chef Deck says:

Angry beefs are few and far between. As a child I used to go Vermont where my cousin and I would go cow tipping, four wheeling in the pastures, and have occasional b.b. assaults on the poor animals (I’m sorry PETA, I do feel regret to this day). Even with that constant harassment the beefs remained truly docile, and never became so-called angry beefs. At Merchant Boeuf Montreal, this is not the case.

This is because since the silver fox and his team took over they’ve been angrier than Howlin’ Wolf, for finally they’re being whipped into shape. The quality of this beef house restaurant has gone up by miles. I had the tartar app (tuna, salmon, and beef) which was excellent, an amazing burger (with Gorgonzola and bacon served medium unlike mbgr restaurant), a so-so New York strip, and the pièce de résistance, one of the best filet mignons in Montreal with a pepper sauce. So silver fox, keep those beef angry because restaurant Mechant Boeuf is back on my list!

Tastiness: 8.4124124114/10
Ambience: Casse-croûte meet the Q/10
Price: $20-$30 a person/10

Chef Deck Signing out!


124, Saint-Paul West, corner St-Sulpice, (attached to the Nelligan hotel)
Old Montreal, Québec
Phone: 514-788-2040
Hours: Diner, Sun – Wed, 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Thurs – Sat, 5:00 pm to 1:00 am
Payment: Credit Card, Interac, Cash
Cuisine: Burger, Steak, Casual

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Momesso’s Restaurant Montreal

April 20th, 2009 · Fast Food, Italian Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

momesso restaurant

On Montreal Restaurant Momesso’s Chef Deck Says:

Sergio Momesso might not have been the best Montreal hockey player in the world but his legacy lives on through his faultless sub. In my humble opinion, Momesso’s Restaurant has by far the greatest Montreal sub I ever tasted. I have only ever experienced their sausage sub because once you go spicy sausage, you can never go back. The meat is so succulent, the spice is just right, the bread has the ideal crisp, and the coleslaw brings together the medley of perfection. I’m also smitten with their onion rings which add to the overall utopia of flavors. So to finish if you or anyone out there wants a real legacy (not a commercial Wayne Gretzky one) stuff that sausage and that sausage will stuff you!

Food: 9.2323324422/ 10
Atmosphere: The Montreal Forum/ 10
Price: $10-$15 a person/10

Chef Deck signing out!


5562 Upper Lachine Road, NDG, Montreal
Phone  514-484-0005
Hours: 7 am-Midnight (hours can vary), Closed Sunday
Cusine: Italian sandwich, Cafe, Espresso

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Decarie Hot Dog Restaurant

April 5th, 2009 · Casse-Croûte, Fast Food, Montreal Restaurants

Montreal Restaurant Decarie Hot Dog Chef Deck says:

Teenage flashbacks of french fries, burgers, hotdogs, orange fizzy boobelach, and ever growing boy boobs fill my mind with endorphins. In my opinion, Decarie Hotdog is the best Montreal Casse-Croute and the best in Quebec south of the Laurentians (shout out to 100% Boeuf). I love it as much as Bukowski loves the booze and broads. Some Montreal restos have a better poutine (like Patati Patata), some may have better burgers (like Le Paryse), but none have a better overall package (just ask Chef Shmuts). I would like to thank my mommy and daddy for letting me grow up so close to this fine establishment and pray that my children will grow portly on Decarie Hotdog too.

Tastiness: 8.832542358252/10
Drinks: old world bottles of divinity/10
Price: under $10 a person/10


953, boulevard Décarie, Corner Edouard-Laurin, Saint-Laurent
Montreal, QC
Metro: Du College
Phone: 514-748-7213
Payment: Cash Only
Hours: 7 days a week: 6 am – 1 am
Cuisine Type: Hot Dogs, Burgers, Poutine

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Le Valois Restaurant

March 14th, 2009 · Bistro Restaurants, French Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

Le Volois

Guest Review by Mitche

My sister chooses the restaurant this time and she chose restaurant Le Valois, in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood. (If you want to look cool, just say HoMa.) I love to try restaurants that aren’t downtown, they know that they have to do their best for you to come back… they aren’t full of chicks in stilettos and businessmen who look very, very, busy talking on their Blackberries … the kind of place you feel bad if you’re not dressed up because Ken and Barbie are sitting next to you.

Anyway, I went to Le Valois with my family and was pleasantly surprised by this Montreal restaurant. Space is very cozy, full of wood and colored glass (reminded me of a church). Outside there is a beautiful large terrace in the summer just beside Place Valois, (where there is a William J. Walter Saucissier location…sorry, can’t help it, I love the William Suisse sausages …I even bought some after my meal). The list of wine is quite extensive (2 pages!), and the service is great (cute guy and my sister are single), discreet but always right.

Now, about the FOOD, the cold vichyssoise and the cream of green vegetable was just o.k, the tomatoes were not really “confides” in the puff pastry on confit tomatoes they were just broiled. The herring tartar with green apples was too salty for my taste, and tasted like a dill pickle ( my father loved it).

The goat cheese with honey and thyme was good but oily. I also did not like the fact that it was in a phyllo pastry and they put a whole stem of thyme (I had to perform an operation to get it out). Overall, I was not extremely impressed by the appetizers, but my palate liked it, so it couldn’t have been too bad.

For the mains, the beef “bavette” was good and the fries came with a homemade mayonnaise. The chicken with mango salsa was good but gave me a sense of déjà vu. The confit duck leg was succulent and I personally liked it the most; it was served on a bed of hot slices of green apples and an outstanding

The chicken with mango salsa was good but gave me a sense of déjà vu. The confit duck leg was succulent and I personally liked it the most; it was served on a bed of hot slices of green apples and an outstanding arugula salad. For dessert, I suggest you try the pound cake served with a shot of Bailey’s, the cake was very scrumptious, (I normally hate cake but I do like alcohol).


The restaurant is an intimate and fun to place be in. They made an effort on the presentation (decor, food, everything), and it was worth it. A definite plus, parking meters are free on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays! The bathrooms are clean (although downstairs and a long walk).


Everything is good, but not great. There is no sparkle, nothing special … they could do a little bit better. I think I am going to try it 2 or 3 times before I can really say if I like it or not. But, on the whole, it’s okay, and like I said, the waiter was cute … so I don’t mind going back!


For two: 50$-60$, wine and tax included, tip not.


7 days a week, 8 am to 11 pm.


25 Place Simon-Valois (near 3809 Ontario)
Phone: 514.528.0202

Website: Le Valois Restaurant


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