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5 Saisons lunchtime buffet

August 15th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Montreal Restaurants

montreal lunch buffet

On Les 5 Saisons Greene, lunchtime buffet Chef Deck says:

T-Bone you duped me again! You have the pallet of a malnourished surf with scurvy and rickets. How in the world you think this is a good Montreal lunch place (for under ten bucks) baffles me. My chicken rap was inedible and my salads lacked flavor and reminded me of eating veggies straight from the can. Fine your veal schnitzel sandwich was good but who cares you suck. The only good thing about the experience was sitting outside on Green with so so company.

Food: 2.732465/10

Judging the chicks on Green ave.: 13/10

T-Bone once again waisting my time: You’re lucky I love you/10

Chef Deck signing out!

5 Saisons
1250 Avenue Greene, Westmount, MontrealH3Z 2A3
Hours: Monday – Friday : 8 am – 9 pm, Sun and Sat: 8:30 am – 9 pm

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  • T-Bone

    Already dork,
    you have to realize chef dork is too fancy. 5 saisons has FREE parking, no where to be found in the downtown core, an outdoor terrace, posh chicks walking by, and an affordable and selective lunch.

    They have a make your own salad bar, sorry chef dork that you make a weak salad. The selection of foods range from: bbq chicken, a diffrent hot meal everyday, panini wraps, assorted sandwiches, take out foods.

    sorry we arent as rich as you but i cant afford 25$ lunches.

    I value the location, the venue, the free parking and great selection of food.

    T-Bone is dining and dashing

  • Debster

    Sorry Deck, will have to go with T-Bone on this one. What were you expecting – I mean really – it´s a salad bar in a grocery store.

  • The Butcher

    Let the Butcher tell you about 5 Saisons…this is a place time forgot, kind of like Alexis Nihon. A relic of the 80’s (not that it was any good back then either, but this made sense in the 80’s) Westmount that never really had anything to offer except for its location. The Butcher too has been duped by its pre-prepared over-priced tasteless foods and particularly the salad bar. The infamous salad bar (really the pasta salads) known to all native Westmounters is highly appealing to the eye, soo appealing in fact, that it fools the same people over and over again, almost like an abusive spouse.

    If you eat here regularly you are either:

    1) A masochist, in that eating sh*t pleasures you
    2) Have dementia and still think its the 80’s
    3) Are among the many native or wanna be Westmounters with zero taste