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Au Pied de Cochon Restaurant

May 30th, 2008 · 14 Comments · French Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

On Montréal Restaurant Au Pied de Cochon Chef Deck says :

If I was goose in a box, being force fed yummy grains all day and night until my liver was about to explode, I would hope to one day end up in a Au Pied de Cochon Fois Gras poutine. Yes loyal readers, this means that I Chef Deck, am a huge fan of the one restaurant in the city that prides itself on promoting our old Canadian $100 bill mascot (the great Canada goose). Montreal Restaurant Au Pied de Cochon has a beautiful menu featuring upscale, quebecois dishes with a twist from the great mind of chef/owner Martin Picard (an array of game meats, pork, meat, fois gras every way, and constantly changing specials). This particular evening we ate a phenomenal moose carpaccio with artic char and quail eggs, seal, fois gras poutine, duck in a can, and the mother of all pork chops, all of which were originally presented and delicious. If you’re looking for a meal that will not disappoint in a fun atmosphere, and you’re not a hippy or a vegetarian, this Montreal pioneer will always satisfy your every desire!

Tastiness: 9.234232/10
Wine: perfect list and highly knowledgeable staff/10
Clientèle: not so halal/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Restaurant Au Pied de Cochon

536 Duluth Est, Montréal (Québec)
Metro: Mont-Royal
Tel: 514-281-1114
Hours: Tues – Sun 5 pm-12 am
Payment: AMEX, MC, Visa, Interac
Cuisine: French, Terroir, Québécois

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  • mathamore

    mon resto preferer…….my favorite restaurant

  • stef braun

    I finally got to eat here…it was delicious but i left with the worst stomach ache ever because the food was soooooooooo rich.

  • Mel

    Un de mes resto prefere. Excellent pour rencontrer des clients de l’exterieur et les impressioner avec des plats du terroirs. (Presentation de “la” patte de porc !! faut voire!) Bon vin et ambiance trrres Montreal, pas trop snob ni trop Plateau.

  • Charles

    I also had a terrible stomach ache after eating here, worts ever right after a meal. Maybe I tried to stuff too much down my throat. The duck in a can was delicious if a bit gimmicky. The atmosphere is fabulous. But they stuck us in the back between the meat locker and a/c vent – freakin’ freezing when we’re dressed for August heat, very unpleasant. Pork chop was dry. Veggies not fresh. I’d go back and give it another shot, sit at the counter for lunch, if they do lunch.

  • Ben

    Au Pied de Cochon was a great experience. I took my brother who was visiting from Australia who is a huge foodie and he loved the originality of the dishes, the restaurant atmosphere and the somewhat unorthodox style of Martin Pichard. Traditional Quebec cuisine with modern twist (showing off the best pork produce inthe world) will always be a winner in my book.

  • guy

    I love this place, just went there last night and everything was awesome. I had the fois gras poutine, duck in a can, and more pork than you can imagine

  • La Maitresse

    Am surprised to see mixed reviews – I just love this place! That duck in a can is impossible to replicate. Say what you will about it being gimmicky, but not only is it original, it’s delicious. They prepare these cans fresh everyday, filling the can with the duck, herbs and that delicous sauce and then when you order one, they boil the can so that the contents steam. They stick on the fancy label and then bring it to your table to dump on the big piece of bread on your plate. I have a hard time ordering anything else here. I did try the pork loin (or maybe was a pork chop?) and, though that was completely out of character for me, it was damn good.

    I bought the recipe books as gifts for 2 of my friends, autographed by the chef and all. I think they serve better as coffee-table books than actual cook books as I don’t think either of my friends were bold enough to attempt a recipe. Maybe I’ll start nudging more…

  • The Butcher

    Au Pied du Cochon, how I really wanted to like you. I tried you once, but you let me down…….I enjoyed your ambiance, but the $80 I spent on you seemed unjustified. Your foie gras was overcooked and bathed in a sauce that masked that wonderful diseased fatty liver flavour. Your Lamb shank confit, while good in itself, was also covered with a sauce that made the slaughter of that baby lamb wasteful. The duck in a can…..well the best part was the presentation. Your creme brulee started off good and ended up bad. The creme was good but the cook who had been sipping a pint of beer all night botched the caramelization bit.
    Your staff was very friendly but not there when I needed them. While it may have been an off night, off nights are unacceptable given the prices you charge and the league you claim to be playing in.

    The butcher is taking this restaurant to the slaughter house. I’m not saying the food is bad, but for a restaurant that boasts to be one of Montreal’s best and is the talk of the city, it warrants the scrutiny!

  • Maddy

    The reasons ome people had stomach aches is perhaps because they drank a lot of water with the food as it contained a lot of MSG. I was about to explode at the end of the meal and felt it until the next day. Very tasty, though

  • Dav

    Ohhh Foie Gras! gotta love it to really enjoy this place. Good food, good portions, flavorful. Must start off with the Cromequis. I could have a dozens.
    Great service and knowlegeable servers. Very hospitable in both langues.
    Martin Picard, the insane genuis behind all this goose liver. 9/10

  • MaximeL

    One word… Unbelievable!

    I was sitting at the bar, just in front of all the action! All the flavors, and the plate was just in front of me. It's a great place to sit if you don't know what to eat. :)

    I took the Cromesquis de foie gras, tête fromagé and salade de croustillant de PDC.

    For main dish I took the Côte lévées de bison with the PDC mashed potatoes and my girlfriend took the duck in a can.

    That was the best food experience I had for a long time! What a great place! I wanna go now! :)

  • max191

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  • Boothphoenix

    Anthony Bourdain’s show on you made me Google you just to “SEE”….wow! I was born in Montreal and you’re making me want to visit! thx… 

  • dulse

    Unfortunately, we had a very bad experience
    at this restaurant. The staff in charge of customer service was very rude to us
    when we inquired about unwarranted additional charges to our bill. Regardless
    of how good the food was, we will not be returning. A shame – it ruined what was
    supposed to be a special night out…