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Beauty’s Restaurant

June 13th, 2008 · 27 Comments · Breakfast Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

On Beautys Restaurant Montreal guest reviewer Andrea says:

Alright, Say what you will: Overpriced orange juice (delicious), deceitful waiting time estimates (irritating) and the extra six bucks for your tuna scoop on that oh-so addictive Greek salad (sorry, it’s worth it)– but there’s still a reason why our Beauty’s continues to rake in the business after 50 years. Although the retro Jewish-deli-meets-the-50’s-décor is charming enough, the food happens to be good. Damn good. Scarf down the “Mish-Mash”, an artery-choking omelette peppered with salami and hot-dog (be sure to position yourself next to a bathroom), the Beauty’s Special, a Montreal staple that includes lox (glorified smoked salmon), onions, tomatoes, cream cheese and those bagels we fight with New Yorkers about, or sip from the massive Cookies ‘n Cream smoothie. Don’t forget to stop and listen to what’s going on around you as entertainment abounds in that adjoining booth to the right of you.

While the funky-friendly servers bring breakfast all day, lunch offers a wide array of fresh salads, (enough to feed half the restaurant and no, they CANNOT be ordered in halves) including the grilled veggie, crab meat, chopped egg or tuna. You can also go for the gold and plunge into the club salad: the regular ingredients topped off with cooked chicken or turkey, cheddar cheese, bacon and mayo. Savour the chopped liver sandwich, share the tuna-egg club and finish yourself off with the killer chocolate cake and you’re all good. We can spend some time on the phenomenal burgers, the toasted banana bread, the home-made soup (check out the red lentil and green pea) or the Super Beautys 2 (complete with 2 pancakes, 2 waffles an overload of saturated fats like bacon, sausage and home-fries) or, you can just pick yourself up from that hangover, mix in with the Plateau hipsters, the hockey moms and the legendary owner Hymie “the-wait-is-only-5-minutes” Skulnick and get into line. It’s worth it just to hear the regulars complain about the wait.

Restaurant Beauty’s

93 Mont-Royal Ouest, Montreal, QC
Metro: Mont-Royal
Phone: 514-849-88837
Hours: Mon – Fri 7 am – 4 pm, Sat 7 am-5 pm, Sun 8 am – 5 pm
Payment: Cash & Credit
Food: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch

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  • ghostbuster

    I was there for brunch (after a ridiculous wait in the queue) with some friends only to see a mouse scurry along the wall towards the rear entrance…yuck!

  • Stewart

    Mice are people, too.

  • stef braun

    thank god, a beauty’s review…why wasnt I the one reviewing this? You know what i never tried but i feel might be good there? The Mac&Cheese…also the banana bread and soups…I love how they dont leave sweetener and milks on the table….cuz they know the mummies will steal them all into their purses.

    Heres my problem with beautys though: the wait staff. Those people dont “suit” Beauty’s. They should have people that are homeier…just more homey like cute bubbies or filipinos.

    I eat there a lot. You can tell cause im fat.

  • Nicholas Robinson

    Hey, say what you like, but when they serve a Bloody Mary . . . they SERVE A BLOODY MARY!

    You literally make your own, and with all the classic ingredients. I was extremely impressed, and though I only ate the Bloody Mary, I’m sure with this level of artfulness that the rest of the menu is equally as good, with at least the same level of attention being paid.

    Next time, instead of inviting a hangover, I’ll be trying to cure one.

  • Nicholas Robinson

    And I like mice. Good drama in a restaurant; bring them on!

  • Marge

    Does anyone know who I can contact in Montreal regarding a neighbourhood Chinese restaurant in Westmount, Quebec, restricting us to order a certain amount of dishes or the waiter would not serve us? We were regular customers and would like to know who to report this to?

    • You

      contact the Food Police….the nubmer is 912

  • Stewart

    It would be better if you took your grievance to the management of the restaurant itself. There must be a good reason why you had a problem.

  • stef braun

    im going to beauty’s this sunday….again…and i wont wait in line because Hymie loves me and im the best.

    and if i DO wait in line, i’ll just go to bagel’s etc.

    And i think im going to order something OTHER than the beauty’s basic this time.

  • kikoo

    mium it’s seem having delicious Breakfast , i think i ll come soon eating there with my wife… :)

  • Terrible

    I went there with my girl friend one saturday morning, there was a clueless old man sitting at the door, and his son, the owner. I ordered a 9$ piece of french toast, with sirup that had more water than maple in it, terrible, I ordered the eggs, disgusting, I ordered pancakes, and they crumbled in my fork, I asked for my money back for the pancakes…the waitress, who couldn’t have more than a 40 IQ walked to the owner…the owner and the extemely old man, looked at us together, with disgust, and shook their heads…waitress comes back, and says, “the pancakes are good, you can’t get your money back” disgusting attitude, disgusting service, and the worst breakfast I’ve had in over a decade. These guys won’t get away with this much longer. I left there disgusted, paying 50$ for the worst breakfast I’ve EVER eaten,

    Everyone that goes there, hasn’t got a clue, they’re all over 60 and they’ve never tasted a good breakfast in their lives.


    These guys are crooks, hoping they’re old reputation sticks…

    Save your time and money, everyone that enters there are tourists.

  • Marc

    This place is the dirtiest restaurant I’ve ever seen… Hair in my plate and on the table, toilets are simply aweful and disgusting, service is bad. The few bites I had of my food were ok (Until I found the hair), but yet again, my 5 year old son also knows how to make eggs…..

    • Tudesire

      I totally agree, MArc, the service is craspy.

  • Sophie


  • La Maitresse

    To all disbelievers, try the chocolate chip pancakes and then let’s talk. They are what every chocolate chip pancake strives to be though none come close. You’d think it would be easy, but I would never bother ordering these anywhere else – but here, they justify every last calorie!

  • rh girl

    forget Beauty’s. I agree with Marc, the place is disgusting! Want a good breakfast? Walk another 3 minutes to Parc and Mont-Royal to Dusty’s. yum!!

  • Andrea-marcotte

    I wasn’t ever more unimpressed than this place….. not worth more than 1.99 and they didn’t have anything on the menu that we wanted….. the waitress didn’t bring me my toast and when it finally got there it was cold….. There was nothing special about this dull greasy spoon.

  • Andrea-marcotte

    ya if they had any to serve with that side of I dont give a #$%^

  • Mbernstein165old


  • Mbernstein165old

    Try “Chez Garlic Gopher Tavern” in Brampton.

  • Mbernstein165old

    F off!!

  • Mbernstein165old

    I taught I taw a chowhound foodie phony balony snob!!

  • Mbernstein165old

    Insect!! Anti-semite! Eat marmot roasted in garlic!!

  • Pathers

    We absolutely loved it!  We’ve got great restaurants here in Asheville, NC, but Beauty’s is the absolute best at what they serve!  Nothing like their daily soups, smoothies, unbeatable St. Viateur bagels and nova!

  • Tudesire

    I went this place today with 4 people of my family, present in montreal for vacation.

    We4ve been surprised to see on the bill that they charged to us more than 15% of tips arguing that we were 5 peoples.

    It was the 4th and the last time i went to the place. Food is excellent but it is robbery to claim tip to the clients. They should let people give the tip by them self. Everybody is will tell you that in montreal tips are mandatory, come on, as a client i give it if i want, it is not an obligation. It is not noamal to charge people by default….

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