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Bottega Restaurant

September 28th, 2007 · 22 Comments · Italian Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants, Pizza Restaurants

Bottega Pizza Restaurant in little italy montreal

On Montreal Pizza Restaurant Bottega, Chef Deck says:

For all of you who hated on me for the questionable restaurant Pizzaria Napolitana review wake up and smell the sweet savory aromas exuded from restaurant Bottega Pizzeria in Little Italy. This is where to find great Montreal Italian pizza ladies and gentleman! Here you’re not going to find pizza with canned ingredients pumped out on a conveyor belt, but rather the finest of ingredients blended together achieving true thin crust pizza superiority. The appetizers were all quite tasty. The gnocchi was made with a simple tomato sauce and very good (but a little over cooked), the grilled peppers were perfect, marinated eggplant was top notch, and the little breads things with prosciutto and melted cheese were way too dang good. Now onto the highlight of the night being the pizzas. The pizza with mozzarella di Bufala and cherry tomatoes is what dreams are made of, the pizza with marinated veggies and cheese was by far the best veggie pizza ever, and the pizza with prosciutto di parma, olives, marinated artichoke hearts, and wild mushrooms was perfect. They also have an excellent selection of reasonable Italian wines. So to all of you who questioned my prowess, eat my bocconcini!

Tastiness: 9.123123/10
Atmosphere: hip like the living with Gotti boys/10
Service: attentive as Mr. Belvedere/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Bottega Pizza restaurant

65, rue Saint-Zotique East, cross street St-Dominique, Little Italy, Montreal
Metro: Beaubien
Phone: 514-277-8104
Payment: Credit Cards, Interac, Cash
Hours: Tue – Sun 5 pm – midnight; closed Mondays
Food: Italian, Pizza

bottega-restaurant.jpg gnocchi Bottega Restaurant grilled peppers, bottega marinated eggplant, Bottega pizza with mozzarella di Bufala and cherry tomatoes, Bottega Pizza with prosciutto di parma, olives, marinated artichoke hearts, and wild mushrooms

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  • Lesley

    that’s what i thought! bottega murders napolitana.
    i especially love the rapini they serve with the pizza.

    p.s. don’t we all love the gotti boys (i know i love radio-active burgundy bodies and geled bangs)

  • Caitlin

    What are the prices like at Bottega?

  • JOHN

    you really should consider giving an average cost per resto to give us an idea of what we’re to expect!

  • Rachela

    I love love love this place….the pizza takes me back to Italy and i can’t get enough of your arancini’s and magerita pizza…Good Job guys!!!!

  • Rachela

    ps…prices are good considering how GREAt the food is…..i dont find it $$$$.

  • stef braun

    I am DOMINATING this blog. Like my sister wrote, bottega murders napolitana.

    Call in advance or you wont get a seat.

    bomb-diggity rapini and sausages.

    One of the owners is also really hot.

    • gen

      pizzachef is hot too :) wtih the cute hat)

  • Mario

    The pizza at Bottega’s is really horrible, nothing like what I’ve tried in Naples.
    Well i guess it’s good compared to pizza Hut

  • sergio

    This pizza is far from being the true Naple’s Italy pizza. The crust is way to soft, it felt like fried dough. Way to soft. It’s a shame that they have this beautiful wood burning oven and the crust is way off. The toppings were ok, but needed more cheese to create a balance of sauce, and cheese. Tasted way too much tomato. Naples ,Italy would never serve a pizza in this
    fashion. Nice ambience but stick to the product. Create a better crust and you will blow any pizzeria in Montreal. Need more work to perfect this famous Naples Pizza. Good luck

    • Exoculo

      Sergio Very well said… I agree 10000% with you I had said the same thing but I'm a Black male so no one thinks I have a clue of what I'm saying or what I'm talking about… I tasted a true Naples pizza from Naples… This BS that they are serving is NOT and should NOT be considered a true Napolitano Pizza… I don't understand Why they don't just make the damn pizza like they do in naples… How hard could it be???? NOW there a pizza chain in Alberta called Famoso.. Now those Guys Got the Authentic Napolitan Pizza thing more or less Down Packed….. I guess if you don't know you don't know…

  • Pina

    soooooooo goood. sergio, are you jealous?

    • Exoculo

      Pina If sergio is Jealous for telling the truth… That makes me Jealous as well…

  • Pina

    soooooooo goood. sergio, are you jealous? what are you talking about? this pizza is excellent. it tastes like napolitan pizza with a little montreal flare.

    • Exoculo

      Pina I'm sorry to say Sergio is right… They should stick to the basics and forget about the Montreal flare…… I don't know what kind of pizza you taste in Naples??? But I could say I had many and none taste like Bottega Montreal… The place is fine and prices are good I'm not disputing that… I Was really excited at first only to be disapointed at the end… Terrific wine list… decor really nice… Pizzaa??? well Sergio puts it best

  • Alex

    can you pay debit or cash?

    • Chef Deck

      Yes Interac (debit) is accepted and you can always pay Cash.

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  • Naples Florida

    The pizza at Bottega’s looks really delicious and I think it is more better than the pizza hut 😀 . The part in Naples Italy is what you are telling right?

  • Rumoca15

    Frankly when reviewing restaurants no matter which nationality you should be a little more experienced in food and the nationality origins you are reviewing, your personal tastes are irrelevant because your personal appreciation of a specific dish does not give it full justice, just because you do not like something it does not mean that you are correct and that everyone should appreciate the food the way you did. The restaurants you have reviewed such as ‘Pizzeria Napolitana’ which has been in business for over 50 years which you badly reviewed surely does not give it full justice. Everyone is a food critic without any knowledge in food quality, preparation and ingredients. I am not saying Bottega is not good, but your reviews need to be revisited. If you can’t be fair then bring with you people that have a better knowledge and that would be able to appreciate and properly rate.

    I say it as I see it.

  • Jamesh

    suzana matjesec covone disrespects your home.

  • aromes

    I have spent many years in Naples, so had plenty of time to try their pizzas. In facts, there’s not one single pizzeria that I have not visited at least 4,5 times in Naples. I think there is a confusion here between substance and style/appearance. Just because Bottega makes a refined version of Neapolitan pizza does not mean they are not baking a real one. It is like saying that a refined version of the crèpe suzette is not the real crèpe suzette. Why?? Because it is refined?Because it needs to look absolutely unrefined? It makes no sense at all. Bottega is making a great refined Neapolitan pizza following the guidelines of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana and they are doing it well. Basta. Most of the pizzas in Naples are not all associated to the AVPN and most have mostly a pizza that is a bit more rustic in flavor and texture, but that does not mean improving them with a bit of refinement takes away the neapolitan Pizza spirit.

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