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La Cabane à Sucre Millette

May 11th, 2009 · 7 Comments · Laurentians

la cabane a sucre millette sign

On the La Cabane à Sucre Millette Sugar Shack Chef Deck says:

I love St-Faustin Quebec for the go carting, the occasional Mont Blanc playground excursion, the great 100% Boeuf, the short lived saloony strip joint (which unfortunately I never got to experience and I can’t remember the name for the life of me), and in the spring for the best dang sugar shack of all!

Chef Deck’s tricks for sugaring off…
1) Starve yourself for at least 3 hours….the longer you can hold out the better!
2) Take a large enema
3) Wrap yourself in Saran Wrap and take a 2 hour sauna while doing foot raises
4) Do half a push up
5) Do three quarters of a sit-up
6) Put on a pair of sweat pants
7) Put on a wife beater
8 ) Put on a pair of slippers
9) Drink a table spoon of olive oil to coat your stomach.

Now that you’re ready, here’s some of the porky sugar shack food you can expect to eat: mini hot dogs in maple syrup, fluffy omelet in skillet pan, oreilles de crisse (my personal favorite deep fried lard chips), creton, smoked maple syrup ham, maple baked beans with lard, crepes with cream sugar sauce, and sugar pie (all must be covered in copious amounts of maple syrup I should add). After eating about a pig and a half, having half a stroke, and a heart attack, you get to stroll outside. This is where you get fresh hot maple syrup on snow, and can prepare to die. If you’re in shape you can also walk around the grounds and see how they tap the trees, boil the syrup and make the maple yummy stuff. Sugaring off brings back so many memories (RIP Lake Manitou one that you could SkiDoo to) and La Cabane à Sucre Millette will always remain one of Chef Deck’s favourite spring workouts!

Tastiness: 8.8351251823/10
Atmosphere: hungry Québécois ready to eat you/10
Health risk: you only live once/10

Chef Deck signing out!

La Cabane à Sucre Millette Sugar Shack Inc.

1357 rue St-Faustin, Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Laurentides
Québec, Canada, J0T 1J3
Directions: Map
Phone: 1-877-688-2101 (toll free)
Hours: Maple Season (March, April) Tues – Sat 11:30 am – 8:00 pm, Sun 10:00 am – 7:00 pm; Out of Season call for opening hours

Menu after the Jump

Traditional Menu
(all you can eat)

Laurentian Pea soup
Grandma’s Omelet
Smoked maple syrup ham
Baked beans
Sausages in maple syrup
Home made pickles
Home made bread
Home made Ketchup (March and April)
Sugar pie
Pancakes, plain or with cream sugar sauce
Eggs in maple syrup
Buckwheat pancakes
Pure maple syrup
Tea, coffee, milk
Maple taffy on the snow

Bon appetit !

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  • Hyman

    Chef Deck,
    Fantastical review my fellow fat man. I believe the name of that ratty, slimy, stanky strip club was ” La Faucon Bleue”.

    • Chef Deck

      You know Chef Hyman

  • Sweet_Home_Improvement

    What I can say is very nice and helpful as well as informative post…really help me very much more!! Thanks..

  • Sweet_Home_Improvement

    What I can say is very nice and helpful as well as informative post…really help me very much more!! Thanks..

  • Restaurant Brugge

    thanks 4 sharing with us this post 

  • Ilania Abileah

    This place is now called La Tablée des Pionniers – it reopened in July 2013 – renovated – however the beautiful decorations of the old Millette place are still all there.