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Café Vasco Da Gama

November 28th, 2007 · 3 Comments · Montreal Restaurants, Portuguese Restaurants

Café Vasco Da Gama

On Café Vasco Da Gama Montreal Chef Deck says:

For those of you who don’t mind spending twenty bucks on a quality sangwich and salada (and don’t want to feel violated like at Soupe Soup) Montreal restaurant Café Vasco Da Gama is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Walking into this cafe smacks you across the face with fine memories of quaint little spots from drunken days in the Algarve. They change their menu of sandwiches, salads, hot dishes, and desserts daily and everything is of the freshest and highest quality. On the days that I’m feeling a little gluttonous I’ll order the fois gras burger (Sofa King good), but on this particular day i had a grilled chicken sandwich with grilled veggies, kalamata olives and curry mayo, accompanied by a barley salad with chorizo (My partner had the salad trio which was Sofa King good too). Another thing I love about this place is that I can end every meal with a coveted Illy espresso. All I have to say is if you need a godfather for your children Mr. Café Vasco Da Gama I’m your man!

Food: 8.456489943/10
Service: Friendly cafeteria style with drop off at table/10
Customers: I think they hire models with low self esteem who just couldn’t hack it in the biz to sit and look pretty/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Café Vasco Da Gama Information

1472, Peel, Cross street Maisonneuve, Downtown, Montréal, QC
Phone Number: 514-286-2688
Métro: Peel
Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Interac
Hours: Mon – Wed 7:00 am – 7:00 pm, Thurs – Fri 7:00 am – 9:00 pm, Weekends 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Cuisine: Sandwiches, Portuguese

Thanks to voula for pointing out that the Bernard location has now closed
Also at:
1257, Bernard corner Champagneur, Outremont, Montreal, QC
Phone Number: 514-272-2688

salad trio Image, Café Vasco Da Gama grilled chicken sandwich with grilled veggies, kalamata olives Image, Café Vasco Da Gama

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  • voula

    Vasco is no longer at Bernard location. They closed down. Heard that a Laurier st resto is taking over the space…looking forward to whats next

    In the meantime, try Caffe della Posta 361 Bernard near Park ave for good homemade Italian with private wine list. Very Yummy…

  • stef braun

    Yes caffe della posta was nice but Vasco is still better, nothing like a high-end portuguese twist. They have nice fresh pastries, especially the Natas (which arent as good as the ones sold at the bakery Notre Dame de Rosaire but still yummy).

    The omlettes are nice, also their lil meaty sandwiches and EXCELLENT coffee…

    Go to Vasco for brunch and Cafe ferreira for dinner (why is there NO review on cafe ferreira?????)

  • Bellami Sinclaire

    If you
    happened to be in downtown Montreal,
    a great place to experience Portuguese cuisine and hospitality is a small
    picturesque café called Vasco da Gama located on Peel
    Street right in the heart of Montreal.
    Except if you go there only to have a coffee, you are out of luck.

    Recently a
    friend of mine and I went there after another friend of ours had recommended
    the espresso. It was a lovely Friday afternoon and we saw a table for two at
    the terrace that was vacant. However, to our surprise, few minutes after the
    waitress took our order, a man who seemed had either managerial or ownership
    authority, rushed towards us and mumbled something like “they could not serve
    us coffee unless we ordered food”. I looked around and noticed the three ladies
    sitting on a table next to us, who had indeed been served exactly that …three
    cups of coffee. Well who could not have felt humiliated… right? We both
    looked puzzled and what could be the real reason. We were both well dressed
    with friendly manners and just wanted to have a quick coffee. I in fact, could
    not really remember anyone ever to have refused me a service. Later I shared
    this awful experience with another friend of mine, who coincidentally is half
    Portuguese, who said that he does not go anymore at Vasco Da Gama since
    last summer for exactly the same reason.
    He added that their preferable clientele would be the one who spends
    more money on food in order to increase their daily revenues. Perhaps tough
    times, but is that the right way? They probably do have the right to refuse
    service without prior notice; however, they should place a big sign right at
    the door, so we and other coffee lovers are rightly informed. On their website
    they advertise a great traditional food, which might be true, however, the big
    question is: Would that food taste great if the unfortunate customer
    stumbles upon some of their other prejudices that might or might not cross the line.
    They should all indeed be included in the same sign right at the door.

    Luckily, Vasco
    Da Gama is not the only café in the vicinity, never mind the espresso. If
    the readers would like to save themselves time and similar experiences, they
    should try actually the café not far from Vasco Da Gama down on Peel
    Street across Carlos and Pepes. It is
    called Au Pain Dore. An excellent place to purchase traditional French
    baguette or a great grilled sandwich, and on the second floor is a cozy French
    café offering a magnificent view over St. Catherine Street.
    The espresso is out of this world indeed, but most importantly the friendly and
    polite service can make you feel at home.