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Chez Doval Restaurant

November 1st, 2007 · 9 Comments · Montreal Restaurants, Portuguese Restaurants

Chez Doval Restaurant

On Montreal Restaurant Chez Doval Chef Deck says:

Wit betrays me this evening so instead I will depress my loyal readers by creating a dispirited mood for one of my favourite Montreal Portuguese grills. I’m sad but I’d be happier if I was indulging on Chez Doval’s charcoal grilled delights. Tears roll down my face as I sit home alone craving, grilled sardines, grilled octopus, amazing clams, fresh mussels, spicy grilled chicken, and sumptuous French fries. If it was a Friday or Saturday night I could be indulging on this comfort food while an old Portuguese man sang foreign love ballets in my ear, but it’s not. Montreal restaurant Jano’s make me happy but I don’t feel it would take me out of this funk quite like my Chez Doval restaurant.

Food: 7.4576237/10
Service: When a place is so busy who do you think you are being picky/10
Price: All under $15 a person (and still cheap even if you get that good Portuguese wine that I could drown my sorrows with)/10

Chez Doval Restaurant, Cuisine Portugaise Information

150, rue Marie-Anne Est,Plateau Montreal, QC
Phone: 514-843-3390
Hours: Everyday 12:00 pm – Midnight
Payment: Visa, MC, Interac

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  • HAHA

    I never realized Portuguese men could sing and dance at the same time.

  • Bot

    any place that grills a fine piece of meat is right up my alley
    the shrimps are fantastic



  • tom

    This place has gone downhill in a big way.

    Prices up, quality down.

    It’s no where near as good as it was 10 years ago, or even three years ago.

    You’re better off at the Main if you want steak.

    I say this with sadness because I used to be a regular.

  • Pooch

    The mariachi is so obviously Mexican. His performance has improved (he used to do “la Bomba” medleys to death) but i have to agree with tom. I ‘ve been going for years (and still do) but their show is slipping.

  • Oded G

    Bro, you broke my heart!!! Scoring Chez Doval higher than Jano’s on food…my shields were up, but the pain is still unbearable!

    Allow me to explain. I acknowledge Doval is much more rewarding as a dinning-out experience. It’s definitely on top in terms of actually looking like a restaurant you would like to sit down in and enjoy your dinner (as opposed to Janos’ Macdonald’s-like layout). It is also more inviting and offers a great Portuguese ambiance, and you just gotta love the Troubadour (even though you know his song repertoire by heart by the second time you go there!) But, if we focus solely on food, well, than one must admit that Doval has only one supreme delight under its belt: Its supper tasty Grilled Chicken! On almost all other dishes, to be honest, Jano’s takes it by a million. Its juicy grilled calamari’s, unbeatable trout dish (Doval is really weak on its fish selection), and of course, the most succulent rabbit dish around (why must this cute animal suit my pallet so perfectly???), which Doval doesn’t even dare to offer. All these should have left Jano’s on top of your rankings.

    Finally, I hear you Major Tom. You’re very much correct. The quality of food has definitely diminished. Unfortunately, this is true of Jano’s as well. My sole recommendation to everybody- plan your dinner so it takes place after rush hours. You will benefit from the Chef;s tender treatment of the meat, the waiters are nicer, and you will absolve yourselves from feeling guilty when the waiter gives you “the look” so you hurry-up and clear your table for the lovely couple waiting on the tiny bar…

  • Adam

    I’m not sure about Main’s Entrecote, but I go year after year for Chez Doval’s Entrecote Steak, and I would dine there time and again if I lived there.

    Speaking of the Main though, I have always wanted to try their food. It’s just so hard with Schwartz’s across the street. I will have to give it a try now.

    I love when the guitar player sings Girl From Ipanema. His version’s cadence and inclusion of Sinatra’s “Downtown” as a segue is amazing.

  • Charles

    Probably my favourite Montreal restaurant for quality/price/atmosphere but, like some others here, have noticed the price increase and slight quality decrease. The guys (a couple of the waiters, I believe) who took over knew they could charge more and it’s still very reasonable, but something got lost in the ownership change, perhaps it’s as simple as the new hand at the grill. Haven’t been for lunch in a while but the specials were an excellent, yummy, deal.

  • Tony

    Very bad attitude. Food was ok, but they try to steel us on the check, it was never happened to me in Montreal before. It was my first and my last time.
    I was wondering why the service it’s that bad, they had problems whit other tables while we were eating, and when i got the bill i had my answer, they don’t need tip , they added something we never got on the bill.