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Cosmos Snack Bar

May 6th, 2008 · 12 Comments · Breakfast Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

montreal comos restaurant snack bar

On Montreal Restaurant Cosmos Chef Deck Says (with a raspy voice, Greek ascent, while smocking a cigarette, and yelling at his children):

Cosmos Snack Bar and I, have been down since day one. I still go there with hopes of collecting enough evidence for my lawsuit against them for contributing to my future sextuple bypass. G-d forbid on the bypass and sorry guys for the whole fattening innuendo but my cousins cholesterol did go back down to normal after he stopped eating two creations and a mish mash (lots of eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, salami, tomato, onion, cheese and toast.) a week. You are so forbiddingly delicious and I can’t help but crave your two eggs over with butterflied sausage burnt, patates burnt, and a bagel on the grill. There are also days that I sweat thinking about biting into a creation (BLT with a fried egg and salami $4.75), greasy bacon cheeseburger, or feeding myself for two days with a mishmash. The thing that I appreciate most about Cosmos though is the secret ash in my food, the family feuds, and of course good old Tony. For all of you who are confused by my banter Cosmos is a Breakfast restaurant counter, they have some of the the best potatoes in the city, it is tinny and you only can sit at the bar (11 stools) except for in the summer when you can sit outside, and there is a documentary that you can catch on the owner (Tony Koulakis) called “Man of Grease”.

Food: sticks to your bones/10
Service: screw you for asking/10
Size: Tokyo hotel room/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Eggs, Salami & Potatoes Image - Cosoms Tony at the Grill  Image - Cosoms Tony at the Grill  Image 2 - Cosoms Tony at the Grill  Image 3 - Cosoms Tony at the Grill  Image 4 - Cosoms Tony at the Grill  Image 5 - Cosoms Comos Decor Image - Cosmos Comos Decor Image 2 Comos Decor Image 3

Cosmos Restaurant Information

5843 Sherbrooke West, Notre Dame de Grace (NDG), Montreal
Metro: Vendome
Phone: 514-486-3814
Hours: Tues – Sun breakfast 6 am – 5 pm
Pay: Cash only
Price: Cheap

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  • Mike

    great breakfasts, arguably the best in montreal or north america for that matter, u inspired me to go today… droool

  • Oded G

    ok, so i am about to risk my own life here, but please try to bear with me on this one Chef Deck (and the rest of you beloved Montrealers…)
    How to put it delicately, despite my numerous attempts (mostly out of great respect to your now-much-healthier-cousin), i just don’t dig the greatness of this place. I dig the charming and whimsical characters, and the lovely local and down-to-earth atmosphere, but as far as the food goes, the accolades just don’t stick (…the secret is butter, TONs of butter). If you ask a humble immigrant like myself, the food is unfortunately wayyyyy to greasy (on the verge of being criminal), even for breakfast after a night full o’booze. It is often too soggy, unrefined, the texture is undefined, and it is all rather too salty (nevermind the lack of consistency in quality). Furthermore, as a proud and discerning Jew, i could also dare and say that many times the Greek Chala served is rather stale and dull (forgive me Cosmos, forgive me Tony). So, my friend, in my humble opinion, there is only one explanation for your exquisite review: you, like many great chefs out-there, and most other humans, have succumbed to the s “sin” of nostalgia. Yes, it is probably love by association! we all need to keep around those special places that help define who we are. We love those same old stools we probably added an indelible mark to when we were 14, we all need to get the same food from the same ppl we know and learn to love, and it is absolutely necessary for us to have at least one unchanged & untouched get-a-way amid the sprawl of new soulless but stylish new restos. Unfortunately, this love takes years of hard work and sacrifice to build, and cannot be shared by a late addition like myself… too bad!

  • Nicholas Robinson

    Hey, add Montreal Pool Room to this list, add Schwartz’s (never saw anything good about it–cherry coke? Give me a break) but the list is long. For me Cosmos, like Binerie, blah blah blah, was just an INSTITUTION. You know, all capitalized. But people love institutions. It’s where old folk tend to congregate. Food is tried and true, no changes, same chef, same clientele.

    Hell, nothing wrong with that, now that I think of it. So many places open and close in 6 months, so I guess it’s a sign of something that Cosmos is still around.

    But I . . . don’t . . . think . . . I’ll . . . be . . . going . . . back . . .

  • stef braun

    mmmmm grease…..mmmmmm tony…..mmmm arteries

  • Jesse V-H

    I will make this nice and short. It all comes down to: there’s a time and a place for everything. No, I would not bring my fiance to Tony’s for our 7 year anniversary – but we would happily go there the morning after (having drank a bottle of wine each). Cosmo’s is a place where people still know you name, where cholesteral is not yet an issue and where you might want to go to the bathroom at home, before you go. But damned if you’ll find the same kind of artistico-margino-fringe characters…. from loan sharks to accountants! OK, wasn’t as short as I thought, but I must stick up for what brings-back so many of my University days!

  • Jesse V-H

    PS: Beauties has nothing on Cosmos, not by a long shot!!!


  • Loulou

    Cosmos is open 7 days a week from 7am-5pm

    It is old fashioned, stick to your ribs greasy spoon breakfast and burger place. Real Burgers. People are friendly and that’s good for your health.

    See yah There!

  • Hristina

    Oded G: I think you’d better go find a Jewish deli and leave the real food for the Greeks to cook. To each their own, as they say! Opa! And kali orexi.

  • TWH

    Me and my buddy Rick have been tryin’ out a few breakfast places and we both agree that Cosmos is one of the better places , and a great way to start the day!!! Best potatoes !! Like Hristina says, Oded G , you just gotta find a place of your own ! Finally some good home cooking!! I”m going Back for more!!!

  • Nicholas Robinson

    Hmm . . . must admit I showed up there not too long ago after a coke-fuelled night and chowed down on a breakfast burger. Good old Tony and Nikki, may they paint the Universe with grease.

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