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Garde Manger Montreal

August 16th, 2007 · 62 Comments · Market, Montreal Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants

Garde Manger

Garde-Manger Montreal Review by Guest Reviewer Dubers

UPDATE: Read Chef Deck’s review of Restaurant Garde Manger (May 2009)

Garde-Manger….so many evenings, so many blurry memories. Whenever someone asks me for the hippest restaurant in Montreal, my answer is always inevitably Garde-Manger. Originally opened as an “anti-scene” joint in Old Montreal, this small resto / lounge has now been adopted by the Montreal foodies, bar flies and hipsters alike. No other place can you enjoy fine dining, a well selected wine list, beautiful cocktails and the opportunity to get naked.

If you are looking for runway waitresses that don’t know how to do wine service, overpriced martinis, Eurotrash and food that sucks, then St-Laurent Blvd. is slightly north/west. Garde-Manger boasts some beautiful staff but all are knowledgeable, quick and friendly (Julie and Jessica, you rock). Owner/Partner Kyle is always around either pouring libations or mixing the tunes, never missing an opportunity to mingle with his loyal clientèle.

With a menu that changes daily on the chalk board, past favorites and must haves are:

Large Seafood platter: Also lovingly referred to as the trough, this is SICK ACTION!!! This baby takes up your whole table and then some. For $125 bones, it’s the biggest and baddest in Montreal. A must for 4-6 people.

BBQ baby back ribs (I love you with your side of succulent potato salad) Is it wrong to suck on your neighbors saucy fingers?

Their fish and seafood is always fresh. Nothing like getting a “Loup de Mer” served on your plate while it’s still starring right at you. Delicious but creepy.

Atmosphere is very loud and not for the faint of heart. If you are looking for a quiet, uneventful evening, try Holder restaurant. It’s real tough to get a table at restaurant Garde-Manger and reservations are a must. Call in advance but drop in anytime for a martini.

Wearing the Troff’s decorative seaweed on your head to look like a Rastafarian 10/10

Tastiness: 9.99999999/10 (Deduction for that imperfect oval-shape olive in my martini, OK…10/10)

Getting a table on a Thursday night unless you call 16 weeks in advance/10

Garde-Manger Restaurant Information

408 St-François-Xavier, Old Montreal
Phone: 514-678-5044
Hours: Tue–Sun 6 pm – 3 am
Payment: Cash, Credit Cards

fish Garde-Manger Montreal Garde-Manger Restaurant Resto Garde-Manger


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  • Audra75

    the food i hear is excellent wish they had it here in mass that would be awesome i would go to it every other wk the food looks amazing

  • Audra75

    wwwaaa my best friend is going there and i cant go she told me about restaurant and she is going back again for relaxation and food,i cant cause of my cancer treatment wth i want to go im lonely female girl 39 dark hair 5’0 110lbs i want to go waaaaa lmao so jealous

  • Audra75

    were exactly are u located ye montreal but canada italy,france,ireland was  hoping to go to your place but need to know so my friends can go i would love to go but cant due to cancer going threw kemo now hey tim long time lost email heard doing good well thats good my new email is audra 75 tried for awhile after lost that conn. but still cant get ya like to hear from ya again congrats on everything thats goig on u deserve this and heard that the staff is ncredible well congrats all

  • Cari

    We are self proclaimed foodies and love to try new experiences. Le Garde Manger was a disappointing experience! It was my birthday and my boyfriend (who play’s for the Montreal Alouettes) and I were excited to eat at Chuck’s restaurant. After all the hype we heard from friends and seeing him on Chuck’s Day Off, Iron Chef and the Today Show, why not go…right?   

    First, we had to wait for our seats after making reservations weeks in advance. Nothing seemed appetizing off the board so we ordered lobster poutine, a dozen oysters and crab legs, all apps by the way. Lobster poutine is so, so over rated. The fries are thin as match stick and the portion was tiny. Not a lot of lobster or cheese. I’ll take the poutine at Au-Pied-De-Cochon over this disaster any day. At lest Matin Picard knows how to get it done in the kitchen!   

    How can you screw up crab legs? Well, they were over cooked,over seasoned and super spice. We enjoy spice but wow, did you taste it before it went out? At lest the raw oysters were yummy and the only thing we finished. 

    I can’t believe how disappointing our experience was. We will never go back and advise our friends not to either. 

  • Pete Morris

    Yes! I totally love the ribs at this place – amazing! Glad to see you didn’t let the olive in your martini ruin the experience 😉

  • Al2th

    Honestly, this presentation of Garde manger is over-rated. How can you
    expect that Poutine with lobster will become fine cuisine. I followed my
    family to give it a try because the teens wanted to, but what a
    disappointing address for food. Noisy, expensive, and horrible service.
    Montreal offers much better addresses at such price. Very low
    professionalism. And don’t forget to ask the price of each thing you
    will order out of the black board if you don’t want to have bad
    surprises on you bill.

    I would say that this restaurant is mostly for wealthy young people who have very little thing to say to each other in a dinner.
    Expensive: better if you have dollars in pocket
    Very noisy: excellent if you don’t have much to say to each other.
    Young music: for young people only. Over 40? Run away!

  • Y8

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