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Garde Manger Restaurant

May 18th, 2009 · 56 Comments · Market, Montreal Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants

Seared Scallops with Pancetta, Restaurant Garde Manger Montreal

On Montreal Restaurant Garde Manger Chef Deck says,

Ego overcame Chef Deck for his number one review (restaurant Garde Manger) was written by Dubbers (I love you but I Chef Deck am both fat in body and in head). So here we go….Garde and I have a long history. It started when they first opened and I would go every Thursday for dinner and debauchery. Chef Chuck Hughes had created a gem (see Hughes on his new show “Chucks Day Off”) and the Canadian actor/teen girl stocky Tim Rozon (co-owner) brought the draw. The prices were dirt cheap, the food was phenomenal, and the times were out of Hot Dog The Movie. It then in my opinion got over priced, over crowded, underage, and a little to cool for school. The other night I went back to Old Montreal to visit Garde Manger and was pleasantly surprised. The food was just amazing and the prices are back down (slightly). We started with a personal favorite of blood sausage with a soft boiled egg, unbelievable jerk snow crab (spicy like crazy), a so so tomato buffalo mozzarella salad, and succulent seared scallops with pancetta. For the mains I was blown away by the lobster risotto, and melt in your mouth short ribs on a bed of arugula. I’m so happy to tell the world that restaurant Garde Manger is back in Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando shape, and I Chef Deck be back in love!

Tastiness: 9.1223152361 / 10
Rekindled appreciation: about the same as the 30 year old woman who stopped eating red meat when she was 16 because it “didn’t agree with her stomach” tasting a piece of rib steak / 10
Price: apps $10-$20 mains $25-$35- $$$$ seafood troff / 10

Chef Deck signing out!

Garde-Manger Montreal Information

408 St-François-Xavier, Old Montreal
Phone: 514-678-5044
Hours: Tue – Sun 6 pm – 3 am
Payment: Cash, Credit Cards
Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean

Chef Deck is the founder and head reviewer of Eat Well Montreal

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  • Tictactoe

    Screw Chuck. I think it's the only resto in the city that i will not give a try, only because of the chef/owner. There's just something about him…

    • 7aldo7

      shut up!!! you dont know NOTHING!!!!

      • Mariai Expo

        You shut up, whta the hell do you know!

  • Ken

    Will you let me know when there's a garde manger-esque restaurant out there, before the prices become inflated and the crowd becomes too hip? :)

  • LadyLeet

    yumyumyum! commenting to try and win the dinner! also because this was a great discovery on twitter! will be in MTL june 11-15.

  • CoSmIcReD

    i used to frequent this place when it first opened and loved it. only problem was how jam packed it got with a much younger, louder crowd who just came for drinks and not for the yummy menu. dinner tables got disturbed by hips jolting the table as they squeezed into every nook and cranny. i decided i just couldnt do it anymore and will return when the hype has moved on. im off to l'orignal now anyway… 😉

  • Ira Sentesy

    The food is absolutely incredible (don't forget to try the grouper when it's on the menu, and the massive seafood platter) however the big drawback is that the place turns into a cheesy supperclub after a certain hour and is filled with young revellers which sort of kill the ambiance if you are there on a date. Consdier yourself duly warned!

    • Chef Deck

      I feel your pain

    • Lindsay Davis

      Ra Ra….Jackie & I ate here last night and it was fan*smacks*tic….maybe we'll eat there together in say 5 or 6 yrs from now!

  • Liana

    Garde Manger is probably the best restaurant in Montreal. The food is delicious, ambiance is great and the fact that it's not pretentious makes it even better. Chuck Hughes is inspiring!

  • Roo

    Is it difficult to get reservations? Do you NEED reservations??

    • Chef Deck

      you def need reservations…it's usally easier for a small party but always hard on weekends. The trick is to go eat there from a Monday to Wed because you'll get one much faster.

      Good Luck

      • Jimmy Annahatak

        even if we made the reservations, they didn’t even bother calling back, huh!

  • mathamore

    buffalo cheese from buffalo usa? or buffala cheese from italy?

    • Adam

      mozzarella di bufala

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  • susanbodnarchuk

    Party of 6 coming to Montreal from Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba September 29th to October 2nd. Love your show. Looking forward to visiting your restaurant! Would you cook for us on your day off!!

  • EricCannibal

    How Many people does the restaurant accomidate?

  • matthewbakermaltais

    Cannot wait to try out this restaurant. We are going to be visiting from Nova Scotia, between Oct. 8-11th, and cannot wait to try Chucks seafood platter!!
    Where can I find the website for this restaurant?

  • D Faubert

    Just came back from Le Garde Manger. Very very dissapointing.
    Can't get these reviews that praise this restaurant.
    Food not so bad, but far from fantanstic. Service was the worst that we have
    ever seen ( we were 6 ) The waitress (Vl) was slow, slow, absent, not attentive, personality zero. Problems with the bill: ( she can't add, even
    with a calculator ( and it seams that the house policy is 1 bill per table ???
    we had to figure it out for ourselves. We were there for a very special family reunion. By the way have you ever heard of a bresilan coffee that is served without cream ” we do not have cream” we were told ) For a total of close to 500,00$ this restaurant rates 0 and we will never go back.
    On a possitive note our reservation was for 9:30, we were seated at 9:30 and a special appreciation of Jerome ( a bus boy ) who should be promoted to waiter. He was all that our waitress was not, smiling all along, great personality, attentive and funny. Thank you to you Jérome: you were the only up of our evening.

    • stephen in yk

      You were there for a “very special family reunion” and you needed to split the bill?!?! Before tip that's a little less than $85 each. Just throw in your share and stop being cheap. Sounds like you let it become a big deal and ruined things on your own.

    • MizzGMR

      Wow! Our recent experience at this restaurant was just the opposite! The waitress was AMAZING!! She worked the entire floor and you'd never notice it if you didn't take a moment to sit back and just enjoy the surroundings. The menu was just what I expected…and the food was even better than what I'd been told to expect (gotta love well traveled client!) Everything we tasted – from the appetizer to the main dish and including the wine selection was just heavenly!! In fact, we're already planning our return trip in the spring! And my local “go to” restaurant – CITIZEN SMITH is in trouble after eating at Le Garde Manger :)

    • erica

      i am a waitress and absolutely cringe at this kind of attitude. very special evening you had? and you actually had the time to take in everything that went wrong in special detail. where was your focus?oh ya!!! on a bus boy that made your night. talk about poor company you have.
      A restaurant, especially for special occaisonal moments, has another hidden word REST in it for a reason. get a clue, sit back enjoy your occaisonal moment. i almost feel like i should be bolding key words for you.
      if i was part of your family, reading this would actually make me sad for you for me, for the family.
      if you have a problem, man up diplomatically and take up with them at the TIME OF. then people have a chance to address your concern. if not, you're just another classical case that needed to feel an added special attention from your waitress. and now just another online coward for the possibility of special attention to fill that void. from one online $%#@ to another

      • Foodie

        Well Erica, a waitress is the second person to greet a family and ensure they have a RESTful time while they are eating – it isn’t restful when you do not attend to your customers (btw, they pay your wages!). For a special occasion, you want everything to go perfectly and when it doesn’t, often you feel like it is your fault. For D . . . Flaubert to mention the busboy, it reflects the fact that he DIDN”T see his waitress – shame on her (and she thought she was worth a tip, I’m sure). Grow up Erica, if he needed to address his concern, perhaps he couldn’t find a manager either – not just the waitress. You may cringe at this type of attitude, but it reflects the poor attitude of the waitress, someone who didn’t care about her customers. BTW splitting the bill isn’t uncommon when it is a family REUNION – not a wedding where tradtitionally one person pays the entire bill.

    • alice

      another one for “mr. d— faubert”:
      I totally understand restaurants of high standard is guaranteed a great evening out but it sounds like you actually needed more than a waitress to offer you cream in your coffee. you really wanted a comedian/cayote/servant and actress all in one to make up for the lack of why you couldnt provide your own family a great time.
      when you point the finger at someone, 3 fingers point right back at YOUUUU

  • Lindsay Davis

    If love comes in the form of lobster risotto I'm in! This place was orgasmic bite for bite. I highly recommend the calamari puttanesca…..mon dieu!

  • 7aldo7

    best restaurant ever!! best food, best people (owners)

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  • britbrit

    too* cool for school.

  • britbrit

    too* cool for school.

  • Mustangsally1954

    We were visiting Montreal, and visited your lovely restaurant. It was fabulous. The food extraordinary, and the service excellent. We especially loved the crispy shrimp with spicy honey. Where can I find this recipe? WOW!!!!

  • Pakistan Mobile Prices

    I really like the recipe of dish, I hope I will have it again once I am in Montreal

  • Darwin Vincent

    try Chez Roger…

  • bob the dildo man

    i worked there for a day then quit the owners gave me free weed just to keep me there until the end of the day.

    working there sucked but the best part was you get to eat all their food for free an hour before the resturants open they have a staff supper and it rocked.

  • Jeff C

    This restaurant gave me one of the worst meals I have ever had…I honestly think it is grossly over rated…I was excited for the month it took me to get a reservation and when I ordered the flank steak and frites it was like McDonalds steak and fries…the flank steak wasn’t because flank steak isnt 2 inches think. It needs to be marinaded which this clearly was not. There were no grill marks, it was cooked under a broiler…no sauce, no glaze, NO TASTE…and the fries were bloody thin french fries with no originality whatsoever…I am a very fair person but this place was awful…for $42 for the lobster gnocchi, you should get more than 5 pcs of gnocchi for pete’s sake…I actually had the waitress remove my meal form the bill it was that bad and I have never done that before…

  • Kadaver45


  • Kadaver45

    You sound like a great server! Can I come to your restaurant and sit in your section? Thanks!

  • Cb4

    keep making your crummy cooking show. and keep pretending you know how to cook!

  • Guest

    As great as the food looks like on tv, I don’t appreciate the horrible customer service . Trying to make a reservation the female hostess was extremely rude, unprofessional, rushed me off the phone and hung up abruptly. It’s unfortunate, that the owner has to miss out on good business do to the lack of service in his restaurant.

  • Slfife

    I have tried for MONTHS to get a reservation at this place.
    Through e-mail and voice-mails…….I have never experienced this before and think it’s ridiculous.

    • spicy girl

      oh so i guess when i go to my conference in april, making reservations is a no go??? i really would love to go there for my birthday, oh well i am going to call and try.

  • Brigitte Paradis

    Congratulations to Chuck for the super performance at Iron Chef America! Now I have to try your place!

  • Alex_2

    My congrats also for a terrific performance on Iron Chef. Bobby Flay looked stunned he didn’t win! Well done, please put Jerk Lobster on menu.


  • Jimmy Annahatak

    I am an Inuk from Nunavik Ungava Bay Northern Quebec, and we are great fans of Chuck Hughes cooking shows, we’d love to meet him one day, and offer him our #1 Arctic char fish, so he can cook it to himself, and have it to himself 😉 and I would like to congratulate him for competing Bobby Flay of Iron Chef of America, GO CHUCK GO! & GO HABS GO! 😉

  • Jimmy Annahatak

    We just tried making reservations, they didn’t even bother to give us a call back just to say, there is no room at the restaurant, i don’t think they even check their voice messages! I guess it’s called prank messages, fake messages, never gonna try again, now I understand people complaining this high type so called tv celebrity, what about their guests, nah, forget it, I guess I may forget meeting the cook!


    Food was good. Waitress “Quinn” was extremely rude and insulting.

  • Jkmusta

    we called to see if we could get a reservation. They said they had a cancellation and we can have it. We asked if they had a high chair for our 18 month old and they said children under 19 were not allowed. Is this a Montreal thing? I’ve never heard of an age requirement to eat at at restaurant.

  • Terrysibley

    My Wife and I Live In St Pascal and would Love to have Reservations for 8:00 On the 23 rd of Dec if this is possible please let me know at . Thanking you in advance.

  • Maria Carpentier

    My sister and I were back in our home town of Montreal for a week, we called several times to Garde-Manger tried to get reservations, left many messages and NOT ONE CALL BACK!!! I know you big and famous now with your tv shows, but it would of been nice to at least get a call back from two big fans who never got the chance to try your food. Not impressed, Montrealers are much nicer and humble than that!!!!!

  • Restaurant Brugge

    good post thanks 4 sharing 

  • carolyne

    this is one of the best restaurants I have eaten in a long time… everything was excellent … except my son had specified it was my birthday and well I dont know if they do anything special yet nothing special was done and the only thing is the music was way too loud because they sat us beside the speakers which was hell at some point… SORRY Chuck  we could only get reservations at 9pm and the waitress on a Saturday night said the music would only get louder and louder… find that a bit sad when you are eating and cant talk to the people sitting beside or in front of you  …. As for the food EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT…

  • Mmilstone

    I was thinking of trying this place but now am not sure, loud and noisy, difficult to get reservations, a rude waitress who can’t count, doesn’t sound too great to me crowded and noisy and non-attentive waitresses, sounds like Chuck’s taking too many “days off”. 

  • au_abel2

    I love this place! I really recommand it

  • Rebeccaqueen

    Could i see a menu?

  • friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    I love this place! I really recommand it