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Greasy Spoon Restaurant

April 11th, 2009 · 23 Comments · Market, Montreal Restaurants

Greasy Spoon Restaurant Montreal Sign Image

On Montreal Restaurant Greasy Spoon Chef Deck says,

Market fresh is the new word in Montreal and it’s catching on fire like Charlie Sheen’s underwear. Montreal is kickin it back to the basics and many Montreal restos (Kitchen Gallerie, Joe Beef) are seeing the value in an ever changing menu according to the day’s best ingredients. Greasy Spoon restaurant is a fine example of this trend and I Chef Deck welcome it with open arms. It’s hard for me to judge the food because we opted for a tuna melt to start which was delicious, and were then tantalized by the seafood platter. Let me rephrase, this was not a platter but a three tiered oceanic smorgasbord of greatness (though a bit pricey for the portion). It had a selection of oysters, crisp shrimp, snow crab, and the coveted stone crab (yes those free lovin creatures that are protected by only having one claw snapped off at a time so they can roam like Ash until it grows back and can be snapped again!). One another note the atmosphere, music, and bar is great, though I feel that they can go harder on the beverages (and I’m sure the terrace will be kick ass in the summer).

Food: I pray with all my heart that it is amazing though the well-cooked seafood is a good sign / 10
Atmosphere: Irish pub, meets Alberta steak house, meets Garde Manger, meets the Cat Room/ 10
Price: $10-$15 apps and $20-$30 mains/ 10

Chef Deck signing out!

Greasy Spoon Restaurant Information

160 Laurier O, corner St-Urbain, Mile-End, Plateau-Mont-Royal
Montreal, QC
Métro: Laurier
Telephone: 514-495-7666
Hours: Tues – Sat: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am (midnight), Sun 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Closed Monday

Payment: Cash, Interac, Visa, MC

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  • Nick Jarjour

    Quick Story to Chef about frigid dining experience in Montreal.

    Saturday night myself and 5 beautiful and mature 25 -30 year old career women decided to check out this place by the name of greasy spoon. Here is our review
    – Entree described as 9$ asparagus with tarter sauce
    – Lamb pasta that tasted distinctly like the “out of the jar ragu ”
    – 20 $ burger that was crusty to say the least

    The only thing that made the meal worst was that after 45 minutes they rushed and kicked out our party of 6 to serve another party, refusing to serve us our already ordered chocolate chip cookie dessert .

    The chocolate chip rejection was one of the worst experiences i have had in a restaurant lol

    I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles !


    • Maya

      What you are saying is BEYOND incredibly impossible 😉

      the food is exceptional and the service: FLAWLESS!

      • Sy

        Oh it is so possible ….. the worst service ever.
        After 2 hrs of waiting for our ordered food to come, we had to leave the place.

  • Adam

    I hope to check out this place soon.

  • CoSmIcReD

    i went to greasy spoon when it first opened with 5 of my ladies. they only a few things on the menu so we all ordered the same thing pretty much. those who had the grilled chicken sandwhich enjoyed 2 large peices of chicken and salad. i had the fish and chips which were good but i was disappointed that there was no tartar sauce. just other random bbq sauces which i didnt really like with my dish.
    the drinks were yummy tho so i forgave the lack of tartar sauce for the other “sauce”.

  • Ira Sentesy

    Went on opening night. The food was disappointing and way overpriced for the quality, and it was filled with all sorts of 'scenesters' who only seemed to be concerned with getting shitfaced and yelling as loud as their vocal cords would allow. The music consists of a terrible blend of 80's cock rock and heavy metal played far too loud… stay away!!

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  • Maya

    What you are saying is BEYOND incredibly impossible 😉

    the food is exceptional and the service: FLAWLESS!

  • MissT

    We went to Greasy Spoon for my sister's birthday. We were 8 girls. We had reserved for 9pm & showed up exactly on time, sat and ordered drinks. The waiter informed us about the menu and told us if we order right away, he will put it in before the 3 other 11-ppl tables. We complied ordered right away. Then moved on to order some more drinks. 2 ppl got their appetizer salads and 1 person got their entree right away. It was 10.30 and nobody else got their meal, nor did the waiter come to ask if we wanted more drinks. 10.39pm the waiter informs us it's going to be 2-3mins as they gave the other table orders first, eventhough he clearly told us he'd do otherwise. 10.49 still nothing. We inform another bartender who passes by us that it's close to 2 hours and we still didn't get our food. She tells us she'll inform the owner…still nothing…All the while all the regulars and those who know the owner keep going in and getting served their food! So we decide to leave, we inform the bartender that we're leaving to which we get a “OK” reply….Nobody in that sorry excuse of a restaurant even cared or noticed that 8 girls left it unsatisfied or paid for anything!…of course at this point it's passed 11pm so good luck to us finding a restaurant with an open kitchen!

  • Sy

    My friends and I decided to have supper for my Bday in this shithole.
    2hours after putting in our order, still no food.
    Asked for our waiter…no sign of him.
    Asked for owner/manager… he was a no-show.
    So we just upped and left w/o even paying for our drinks or the salads.
    Worst dining experience ever!!!!!

  • Jo3335

    AVIONS UNO réservées table UNE verser 8 à 9h00 de l'ONU Vendredi soir . Le serveur UNO une Conseillé de Donner Notre Commande Tout de suite voiture avait boucoup il y de Groupes , CE QUI FAIT UNO Avons . Avons UNO Reçus entrées nsa vers 9h20 et ensuite , plus rien … A 11h30 , AVIONS UNO Toujours Pas nos assiettes UE et le serveur avait bizarrement Disparu ! UNO Avons multiples demandé à UNE AUTRE serveuse d' appeler le gérant MAIS «celui- ci tu vas être DAIGNE Pas Venir voir UNO . Afraid parties sommes nous … AVIONS UNO Toutes PRIS apéros des , des tireurs et Quelques entrées MAIS avec un s Comme service Ca, Je me sens Pas mal du Tout d' Partie être.
    UNO fini par Avons UNE crèche Frette Pointe de pizza de verser la f ^ te à ma CHUM ! Merci beaucoup Greasy Spoon verser AVOIR gâcher Notre soirée .

  • K.line

    La qualite de bouffe est pas mal (seul hic : petites quantites) mais c’est sur que, comme on peut le voir par tous les comments, le service est lent.
    Il ne faut pas etre presse ou affame si on vient chez eux.
    Nice post!

  • Medinaladdy

    We spent over 300$ in less than 4 hours, and were told to leave because someone else had reserved at 9pm……….

  • foodilover

    Une soire memorable a ajouter a notre calandrier….Bouffe etaits superbe, ambiance exceptionelle et personnel professionel. de la poutine au boeuf braise,la bouffe avait du gout et etais fait professionalisme.
    merci encore!!!

  • plateauchica

    Was thinking of checking this place out, i live close by and there’s always a lot of people going there, so i figured it must be good…but after reading all the reviews i think i’ll save my time and money and go somewhere else! I don’t understand how this restaurant is still popular after so many horrible reviews…go figure.

  • Jimbraz1

    Terrible restaurant…DO NOT GO!! Staff is very rude, the place isn’t clean and the food is extremely over priced and absolutely horrible.

  • Guide restaurant

    Restaurant intéressant, on est un peu à l’étroit. La nourriture est bonne mais bon je recommande autre chose sur le plateau.

  • Guide restaurant

    Food is fine, not great,  not enough space inside the restaurant for sure.  Service si ok. I think theres more interesting restaurant close to this

  • Camille134

    Cetait trop bien!! Le nouveau menu est superbe! Jai vrm aimé mon expérience le tartart de saumon est super bon un des meuilleure que jai Pu manger a mtl!

  • Bob Teols

    Just got back from the G.S…..My wife and I had the Tuna and Salmon SUSHI as starters and for my main meal, I had the Steak Tartare which was excellent. MY wife’s fish was so-so
    Contrary to the comments that I read, we had excellent service from Melissa and the Manager Angelo was very friendly and made sure that we enjoyed our meal. Would definetely go back.
    Bob from ST. Laurent

  • Jason

    Went with a group of friends for a Bday and it started with slow service to seat our group despite confirmed reservations. The prices are high and the food doesn’t hold up to the cost. The starters were tiny but perhaps the tastiest part of the meal. Food service was extremely slow, to the point of being ridiculous. The lobster rolls were bland with no taste at all and the crab cake BLT (a somewhat odd combination to start with) was absolutely revolting. Many in our party felt vaguely ill after eating and couldn’t wait to leave. The washroom floors were dangerously slippery and staff made no effort to do anything when advised of the safety risk. All in all not a restaurant I would ever return to, even if it was the last place on the planet.

  • friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    Terrible restaurant…DO NOT GO!! Staff is very rude, the place isn’t
    clean and the food is extremely over priced and absolutely horrible.