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Hwang Kum Restaurant

November 20th, 2007 · 7 Comments · Asian Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

Hwang Kum Restaurant Exterior Image

On Restaurant Hwang Kum Chef Deck says:

We’ve had many inquiries as per the best Korean Restaurant in the city. After a long hard search I one day had a déjà vu of a meal from my plus size childhood. In this daylight trance I remembered sweet aromas of deliciousness and my aunt Rosalie ordering up a storm (like she always does that’s why she’s one of my top 4 eating partners) as she yelled across the table at 10,000 decibels in regular conversation. I then remembered a full belly, happiness, and a slight cramp from over eating. This immediately prompted me to call my beloved aunt to find out if this was only a dream, or if in fact this Korean excellence did exist (yada, yada, yada…it did). I went for a solo lunch to restaurant Hwang Kum and enjoyed an amazing array of Kimchi, yummy dumplings, and some chicken, noodle, rice something or other, which all transformed me into that fat, happy kid again (BTW way better the other Korean restaurant on Sherbrooke Maison de Seoul). It makes me so happy that I found you again Hwang Kum, because now I can enjoy good Korean Montreal cuisine again and again.

Service: Kind of hard to screw up when there’s one person in the restaurant/10
Tastiness: 8.123123/10
Price: Really cheep/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Hwang Kum Korean Restaurant Info

5908, Sherbrooke Ouest, NDG, Montreal
Phone: 514-487-1712
Payment: Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Interac
Hours: Tues-Sat: 11:30 am – 10 pm
Cuisine Type: Korean

Starters Image, Hwang Kum Restaurant Dumplings Image, Hwang Kum Restaurant Chicken Dish Image, Hwang Kum Restaurant Hwang Kum Restaurant Exterior Image2 Hwang Kum Restaurant Seating Area Image

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  • lilmisspoutiner

    While you’re on Asian can you find me a good Shabu Shabu/hot-pot/huo guo or whatever you wanna call it. There’s a place on d.l.Gauchetiere and St. Urbain which is meh. They don’t put enough vinegar in their dipping sauce and no fresh chillie.

  • Bot

    always looking for a good Korean restaurant

    I will definately check it out

  • Tamstopher

    best korean restaurant in montreal ~

  • SH

    They make the greatest spicy rice sticks EVER.

  • maryam sheidany

    I am looking for korean sap in mouontreal would you please if you now one let me now throug me Emai thans so mouch .

  • Lolo7980

    This is from my friend’s page:

    First time eating at Hwang Kum today and most likely would be my last time. Not that the food was bad… actually, I quite like their seafood pancake but my entire experience there was unpleasant. When we sat down, the waitress (with eye glasses) came and took the order. Since this is our first time being there, we asked her what would she recommend. Her facial expression suggested that she didn’t want us to ask any question as if we were taking her time (even though there was only 1 table other than us to serve…). Anyway, we didn’t mind that kind of attitude because we see that in Chinatown sometime as well. We ordered 4 dishes ($14.99, $12.99, $18.99, and $14.99). The food came pretty fast and we started to eat. Once again, I have nothing against the food… it was just great! Everything seemed pretty good until I asked for the bill. She gave us an informal bill with hand writting on it. What I saw was:

    ………. $15

    ………. $13

    ………. $19

    ………. $15


    Total….. $78.12

    Something doesn’t look right? 15+13+19+15 = 62… x tax (1.12875) = $69.98. How come she is charging me $78.12? I asked the waitress to come and showed her the bill. She looked at the bill with a weird face and took it back to the counter. She calculated once again and gave us the bill. I checked the bill and this time, she wrote $70.12. Even though it was not the exact number but I was like “who cares” and went ahead to the counter to pay. I was going to pay but since I was curious, I asked her how she calculated the tax in order to get her number …. $70.12. She then told me, this is the taxes (as if I was stupid or something). I once again restated my question, how she got this number. She then took her calculator and punch down all the numbers… and at the end, multiply by 1.13112. I then asked her how she got this 1.13112 number? This is not our taxes in Quebec. She then asked her boss (which is the cook) and her boss replied back with something in Korean. The waitress then told me that the number is correct and that is how they do it for the last 10 years. My father then told the waitress this is not how she should be calculated. The taxes in Quebec is 5% + 7.5%. The waitress got annoyed and asked us how much taxes we want to put then? We told her it is supposed to be 1.12875. At this moment, her boss came and started to argue with us. She once again told us this is how they calculated for the past 10 years for all customers and no one ever complaint. After hearing this, I was mad and raised my tone. I asked her if no one ever complaint, it doesn’t mean they are right to calculate this way. She then told me “anyway! bye!” I got even more angry. What kind of attitude is this? I asked her what was her problem? I wasn’t even mind to pay the extra 14 cents. I was basically just curious and asked them in a polite way on how they calculate the taxes and that they don’t have to give us this attitude! She then said they got it and told us don’t need to repeat it multiple times (basically asking us to shut up). I told her (still the boss) that she doesn’t have to act it this aggressive… the world is small and nowadays word of mouth over the internet is very easy. She then once again look very aggressive and negative and said “have a nice day, bye!”. After hearing this, we just left.

    If I knew this is what’s gonna happen, I would be doing the same thing as other youtubers… take a picture of the bill and record the entire conversation in video using the phone. This female cook (apparently the boss) was so aggressive and took our questions in a negative way. Now, I really feel like calling the government’s tax department and file a formal complaint. Have them send some people to inspect their invoices and see how they keep charging people 1.13112% taxes “for the past 10 years” (handwritting and not using the cashier). Who knows, they might be “eating” the taxes all this time! Anyway, rant over.

  • Toxicfreak

    This IS the best place for korean ever , dont go else where ….. Ok the service may not be 5 star who cares there food is out of this world .

    Its insane i have all over MTL to find Korean food please dont even talk about Maison de seoul please , Hwang Kum is in a league of its own period .