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Le Roi du Wonton Montreal

April 16th, 2009 · 14 Comments · Asian Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

Cabbage with Pork Dumplings Image, Le Roi du Wonton 
On Montreal restaurant Le Roi du Wonton guest reviewer the butcher says:

Forget what you think you might know, because you really know nothing. This restaurant embodies that which is truly special about the Montreal food scene. Forget the expensive joints like Au Pied de Cochon, or the poor attempts at authenticity or the upscale trendy restos. Frankly, many other cities out do us here. Montreal restaurants are absolutely special when it comes to the hole-in-the wall, authentic, and inexpensive home-cooked cuisines. Le Roi du Wonton offers home-cooked Taiwanese meals like your Taiwanese grandmother would have made if you had a Taiwanese grandmother. Every component of every dish is made fresh on the spot, from the dough of the dumpling to that which the dumpling is stuffed with. In most places, especially the larger ones, this is unheard of.

This place knows their dumplings and offers the best Montreal Taiwanese dumplings you will find. We started with cabbage pork dumplings, beef dumplings, shrimp dumplings, Taiwanese pancake and baby wontons with peanut butter sauce. If you have to choose one, I strongly recommend you go with the cabbage pork dumpling it is their specialty and by far the best. We then gorged on twice cooked pork served on a bed of freshly made wheat noodles, a marinated baked chicken thigh and plate of tender stewed beef and vegetables. All the dishes were tasty. The pork was well spiced, fried with a sort of black bean paste. The chicken leg was a treat, it was extremely tender, it wouldn’t have mattered if I chewed it or just swallowed the morsels whole. The beef too was very tender, with large lean chunks generously pilled over vegetables, rice and a small chive omelet.

The Taiwanese lady, herein referred to as the Taiwanese lady, ensured that our teapot was always replenished; the steady supply is probably the only thing that allowed us to eat this insanely massive meal and survive. The feast ended with complimentary, perfect little, still warm short-bread cookies.

Le Roi du Wonton is authentic. Unless you were born of a Taiwanese mother, shut up and enjoy your meal….like I said: you know nothing. Let me be straight with you, don’t bring your date here, this place is as ugly as a toothless over-aged stripper from Boucherville. But bring your girlfriend, because you can fill her up for just under 10 bucks.

Authenticity: Taiwanese music playing from an 80’s tape deck/10
Tastiness: 9.9999 depending on how much you like Taiwanese food/10
Price: $6 and up – doesn’t get any cheaper than this for real food/10

You’ve just been slaughtered, butcher out!

Restaurant Le Roi du Wonton Information

2125 St-Marc, Downtown Montreal, Qc.
Metro: Guy-Concordia
Phone: 514-937-5479
Payment: Interac, Cash
Hours: Mon – Sat: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm, Closed Sunday

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  • Laura Roberts

    Mmm, dumplings. Now you’ve gone and ruined my plans to avoid these evil carbs!

  • rebecca

    Im a concordia student and its so hard to have good healthy food that isn't salad. Its true it is a hole in the wall, but if you love chinese food its absolutely succulent!!! The won ton soup is great and pretty much anything you order is going to be tasty! The serviceis really good and the “chinese grandmother” is awesome! Shes really sweet and even though her english isn't very good shes very sweet and hospitable!
    I recomend for true montrealers!

    • Chef Deck

      I know it's amazing….now I can eat 6 time as much

  • Linguistmm44

    I think the restaurant closed. I was really looking forward to trying it but when I went around 12:45 today, it was locked. I just called the number and it said it's not in service anymore.

  • Haiyen

    Oh My God!!! Is it closed for real? or just vacation…i'll drop over this weekend…not only the texture of their homemade noodles but also the 2 ladies, they are soo nice to the customers…
    keep my fingers crossed!!!

  • The Butcher

    Not to worry, probably not closed. The owners lock up for about a month every summer to visit their family in Taiwan.

    • Linguistmm44

      You're right. My colleague just told me she went there for lunch today.

  • max191

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  • Montreal Restaurants

    What i sounds so delicious!!

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  • Jhughes

    Great food

  • elizabeth

    woah woah woah… MUST check this out.  thanks for all the photos!  yum.

  • Guillaume Jacques

    It’s actually very good the dumplings are sooo fresh.

  • guess

    I have read lots of comment on line regarding this restaurant and i plan to try it out. It’s really sock me out how peoples give 3-5 stars for this restaurant.

    I did order a Wonton soup and Baby Wontons with Peanut Butter Sauce. I was very disappointed.  The soup has no taste and no meat inside the Wonton, i never taste any Wonton soup like this in my life.  However the owner is very nice but the taste of the food still very importance.

    All over, I will never return back and i would NOT recommend to anyone.

    1 Star for the service