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Montreal Restaurant Listings

For all of you laymen who don’t know what a listing is, it is a list pluralized. In Eat Well Montreal’s case it is a list of little thing called restaurants. Lets look a little deeper into this thing called restaurants and define this page as a list of Montreal restaurants. Some we have visited already and some we haven’t but all in all we hope that it helps you in your journey today.

Eat, Drink and Stay Sexy

Chef Deck

Afghan Cuisine:

Khyber Pass Cuisine Afghan Restaurant
506 Duluth East, corner St Denis, Montreal, 514-844-7131
BYOB – Bring your own Wine

African Cuisine:

Le Nil Bleu Restaurant
3706 St-Denis, between Cherrier and Des Pins, Montreal, 514-285-4628

Chinese Cuisine:

Beijing Restaurant
92 de la Gauchetière E, Chinatown, Montreal, 514 861-2003

Buffet Cite Hong Kong Restaurant
1611 Dollard, Lasalle, Montreal; 514-363-3030

Restaurant Pho Cali
1011 St Laurent, Chinatown
Montréal, QC H2Z 1J4, 514-876-1064

Chez Chine Fine Cuisine Orientale Restaurant
99 Viger West, Chinatown, Montreal; 514 878-9888

Cite Imperiale Restaurant
1053 St-Laurent, Chinatown, Montreal; 514 875-8388

Elysee Mandarin Restaurant
1221 Mackay, Montreal; 514 866-5975

Finesses D’Orient West Restaurant
1000 St-Jean, Montreal, 514 630-0101

Fung Shing Restaurant
1102 St-Laurent, Chinatown, Montreal; 514 866-0469

Furama Restaurant
215 René Levesque E, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-393-3838

Gourmet Hot & Spicy Restaurant CLOSED
7373 Decarie, Montreal; 514-731-1818

Hobak Restaurant
3300 Cavendish, Montreal; 514-489-6656

Hong Kong Restaurant
1023 St-Laurent, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-861-0251

Hun Dao Restaurant
1065 St-Laurent, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-874-0093

Jardin de Jade Poon Kai Restaurant
67 de la Gauchetière W, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-866-3127

Jardin du Cerf Restaurant
1162 St-Laurent, Chinatown, Montreal 514-861-1056

Jardin du Nord Restaurant
78 de la Gauchetière W., Chinatown, Montreal, 514-395-8023

Kam Fung Restaurant
1111 St-Urbain, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-878-2888

Kam Shing Restaurant
6767 Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal; 514-731-1401

Keung Kee Restaurant
70 de la Gauchetière W, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-393-1668

Koryo Restaurant
3442 St-Denis, Montreal; 514-845-3383

La Maison Kam Fung Restaurant
1008 Clark, Montreal; 514 878-2888

Le Cafe Asia Restaurant
1828 Mont Royal East, Montreal; 514-522-3811

Le Singapour Restaurant
1452 St-Mathieu, Montreal; 514-938-8228

L’Orchedee de Chine Restaurant
2017 Peel, Montreal; 514-287-1878

Lotte Chinoise Restaurant
215 René Lévesque E, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-393-3838

Maison Guang Zhou Restaurant
84 de la Gauchetière W, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-397-9410

Maison Kam Wong Restaurant
1180 Decarie, St-Laurent, Montreal; 514 337-2262

Maison VIP Restaurant
1077 Clark, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-861-1943

Maxim Restaurant Restaurant
1050B Clark, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-398-9696

Ming Yeng Restaurant
1051 St-Laurent, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-861-7413

Mon Shing Restaurant
90 de la Gauchetière W, Montreal; 514-875-6395

Muraille de Chine Dim Sum Restaurant
1017 boul St-Laurent, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-875-8888

Nanking Restaurant
50 de la Gauchetière W, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-878-0855

New Dynasty Restaurant
1110 Clark, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-871-8778

Pavillon Nanpic Restaurant
75A de la Gauchetière W, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-395-8106

Pavillon Wong Restaurant
1862 des Sources, Montreal; 514-426-9664

Pho Minh Restaurant
1021 St-Laurent, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-866-8288

Restaurant Chung Mei
5055 Queen Mary, Montreal; 514-731-6055

Restaurant Deer Garden Restaurant
1162 St-Laurent, Chinatown, Montreal; 514 861-1056

Sing Ping Restaurant
74 de la Gauchetière W, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-397-9598

Tong Por Restaurant
43 de la Gauchetière E, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-393-9975

Van Roy Restaurant
1095 Clark, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-871-1724

Village Mon Nan Restaurant
1098 Clark, Chinatown, Montreal; 514-879-9680

Wah-Do Restaurant Inc
4054 Ste-Catherine East, Montreal; 514 524-3917

Wing Fa Restaurant
3474 Parc, Montreal; 514-282-3938

Yangtze Restaurant
4645 Van Horne, Montreal; 514-733-7171

French Cuisine:

Après Le Jour Restaurant
901, Rachel E, corner Saint-André, Montreal; (514) 527-4141
BYOB – Bring your own Wine

au 917 Restaurant
917, Rachel E, Montreal; 514-524-0094
BYOB – Bring your own Wine

au Bistro Gourmet 2 Restaurant
4007, St-Denis, corner Duluth, Montreal; 514-844-0555

Kitchen Galerie Restaurant
60, Jean-Talon E corner St-Dominique, Little Italy, Montreal
Telephone: 514-315-8994
HOURS: Tues – Sat: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

L’académie Restaurant
4051 St-Denis, Montreal; 514-849-2249
BYOB – Bring your own Wine

L`express Restaurant
3927 Saint-Denis, corner Roy, Montreal, 514-845-5333

La Brasserie Brunoise Restaurant
1012 De la Montagne, Montreal; 514-933-3885

La Crêperie Bretonne Le Triskell Restaurant
3470, Saint Denis, Montreal; 514-281-1012

La Colombe Restaurant
554, Duluth E, corner St Hubert, Montreal; 514-849-8844
BYOB – Bring your own Wine
La Prunelle Restaurant
327, Duluth East, corner Drolet,Montreal; (514) 849-8403
BYOB – Bring your own Wine

Le Creux du Vent Restaurant
1430, rue de l’Academie, Val-David (Quebec); Telephone : 1-888-522-2280 / 819-322-2280

Le Poisson Rouge Restaurant
1201, Rachel East, Montreal; 514-522-4876
BYOB – Bring your own Wine

Greek Cuisine:

Alto Restaurant

3462 du Parc, Montreal; 514 844-9898

Arahova Souvlaki Restaurant
256 St-Viateur West, Montreal; 514 274-7828

Greek Corner Restaurant
Hermes Restaurant
1014 Jean Talon West, Montreal; 514 272-3880

La Cabane Grecque Restaurant
102 Prince Arthur East, Montreal; 514 849-0122

La Caverne Grecque Restaurant
105 Prince Arthur East, Montreal; 514 844-5114

La Maison Grecque Restaurant
5828 Sherbrooke West, Montreal; 514 484-7525

La Maison Grecque Restaurant
450 Duluth Est, Montreal; 514 842-0969

Milo’s Restaurant
5357 du Parc, Montreal, Qc, 514 272-3522

Molivos Restaurant
2310 Guy Street, Montreal; 514 846-8818

Psarotaverna Du Symposium Restaurant
3829, rue St-Denis corner Roy, Montreal; Tel: 514-842-0867

Psaropoula Restaurant
5258 du Parc, Montreal; 514 271-2130

Restaurant Minerva
17 Prince Arthur East, Montreal; 514 842-5451

Rotisserie Panama Restaurant

789 rue Jean-Talon Ouest, Montreal; Phone: 514-276-5223

Indian Cuisine:

Allo Inde Restaurant
1422 Stanley, Montreal; 514 288-7878

Ambala Restaurant
3887 St-Denis, Montreal 514 499-0446

Anarkali Restaurant
6091 du Parc, Montreal; 514 270-7447

Asha Restaurant
3490 Parc, Montreal; 514 844-3178

Baie Du Bengal Restaurant
4266 St-Denis, Montreal; 514 845-3722

Bombay Mahal Restaurant
1001 Jean Talon Ouest, Montreal 514 273-3331

Bombay Palace Restaurant
2201 St Catherine St West, Montreal; 514 932-7141

Buffet Maharaja Restaurant
1481 Rene Levesque Ouest, Montreal; 514 934-0655

Curry House Indian Restaurant
1433 Bishop, Montreal; 514 845-0326

Etoile De L’Inde Restaurant
1806 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal; 514 932-8330

Gandhi Restaurant
230 St-Paul W, Montreal; 514 845-5866

Ganges Restaurant
6079 Sherbrooke W, Montreal; 514 488-8850

Garam Massala Restaurant
1114 Cartier, Montreal; 514 522-4979

Genuine Restaurant
5487 Victoria, Montreal; 514 738-3881

Hello India Restaurant
1422 Rue Stanley, Montreal; 514 288-7878

Indira Restaurant
4295 St-Denis, Montreal; 514 848-0838

Jolee Restaurant
5495-A Victoria, Montreal; 514 733-6362

Le Taj Restaurant
2077 Stanley, Montreal; 514-845-9015

Malhi Sweet Restaurant
880 Jarry Ouest, Montreal; 514 273-0407

Marsala Cuisine Restaurant
995 Wellington, Montreal; 514 287-7455

Nai Haveli Restaurant
80 Jean Talon W, Montreal; 514 495-7979

Namaste Restaurant
3439 St-Denis, Montreal; 514 840-0006

Punjab Palace Restaurant
920 Jean Talon West, Montreal; 514 495-4075

Pushap Jean Talon Restaurant
977 Jean Talon West, Montreal 514 274-3003

Pushap Namur Restaurant
5195 Namur, Montreal; 514 737-4527

Raga Restaurant
3533 Queen Mary, Montreal 514 344-2217

Restaurant La Lune Indienne
2077 St Denis, Montreal; 514 281-1402

Restaurant Palais Maharala
2021 St Denis, Montreal; 514 847-8305

Salaam Bombay Restaurant
4434 St Laurent, Montreal 514 286-7040

Sitar Restaurant
4961 Queen Mary, Montreal; 514 735-9801

Star of India Restaurant
1806 St Catherine St West, Montreal 514 932-8330

Sunam Tandoori Restaurant
1334 Van Horne, Montreal 514 272-2045

Sweet India Restaurant
745 de Liège W. Montreal, 514 272-4773

Sweet India Mahal Restaurant
3701 Jean Talon West, Montreal; 514 738-5724

Taj Mahal De L’Ouest Restaurant
5026 Sherbrooke W, Montreal; 514 482-0076

Tandoori Village Restaurant
27 Prince Arthur W, Montreal 514 842-8044

Toute L’Inde Restaurant
4236 Wellington, Montreal; 514 762-4884

Italian Cuisine:

Bice Restaurant
1504 Sherbrooke, corner Guy, Montreal;514-937-6009

Bottega Pizzaria restaurant

65, rue Saint-Zotique East, cross street St-Dominique, Little Italy, Montreal
Phone: 514-277-8104
Hours: Tue – Sun 5 pm – midnight; closed Mondays

Buona Notte Restaurant
3518 St Laurent, Montreal;514-848-0644

Da Emma Restaurant
777 de la Commune West, Montreal; 514-392-1568

Il Campari Centro
1177, De la Montagne, Montreal; 514-868-1177

Il Piatto Della Nonna Restaurant
5171 St Laurent, corner Fairmount, Montreal; 514-843-6069
Lucca Restaurant
12 Dante, Montreal; 514-278-6502

Le Petit Italien
1265, Bernard corner Champagneur, Outremont Montréal, QC
Phone: 514-278-0888

Liverpool House Restaurant Information
2501 Notre Dame Street, corner Charlevoix, Little Burgundy, Montreal
Phone: 514-313-6049
Hours: Tues – Sat open from 6:00 pm; Closed Sun & Mon

Pizzeria Napoletana Restaurant
189 Dante, corner De Gaspé, Montreal; 514-276-8226
BYOB – Bring your own Wine

Prato Pizzeria & Café Restaurant
3891 St-Laurent corner Napoléon, Montreal; 514-285-1616

Rugantino Restaurant
5486 St Laurent, Montreal; 514-277-6921

Japanese Cuisine:

Le Jardin Sakura Restaurant
2114 De la Montagne, corner Sherbrooke, Montreal; (514) 288-9122

Katsura Restaurant: CLOSED
2170, De la Montagne, corn er de Maisonneuve, Montreal; 514-849-1172

Access Asia Restaurant
904 Sherbrooke West, Montreal; 514 842-5381

Aka-Fuji Restaurant
1236 Rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal; 514 287-1122

Akita Restaurant
166 Prince Arthur East, Montreal; 514 499-8412

Arigato Restaurant
75 de la Gauchetiere, Montreal; 514 395-2470

Asahi Restaurant
948 Maisonneuve East, Montreal; 514 288-9083

Asean Garden Restaurant
5828 Sherbrooke West, Montreal; 514 487-8868

Aka-Fuji Restaurant
1236 Saint-Hubert, Montreal; 514 287-1122

Anita Restaurant
3442 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal; 514 843-5461

AZUMA Restaurant
5263 Boul St Laurent, Montreal; 514 271-5263

Atami Restaurant
5499 Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal; 514 735-5400

Bishoku Restaurant
1184 Bishop, Montreal; 514 876-0056

Bistro Indochine Sushi Bar
4696 Rue Jarry E, Montreal; 514 376-1888

Cites d’Asie
1242 Drummond, Montreal; 514 398-0456

Ebisu Restaurant
1216 Stanley, Montreal; 514 875-7775

Foue d’Asie Restaurant
1732 St-Denis, Montreal; 514 281-0077

Geisha Sushi Restaurant
1597 St-Hubert, Montreal; 514 524-8484

Ginger Restaurant
16 Pins East, Montreal 514 844-2121

Ginza Restaurant
1124 Laurier Ouest, Montreal; 514 495-2767

Hentai Sushi & Grill
1798 St. Joseph, Montreal; 514 639-1801

Hinode Restaurant
4000 St Catherine W, Montreal; 514-849-9793

Hyang Jin Japanese Restaurant
5332 Queen Mary, Montreal; 514 482-0645

Isakaya Restaurant
3469 Avenue Du Parc, Montreal; 514 845-8226

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Restaurant
6720 Sherbrooke East, Montreal; 514 254-9926

Kaizen Sushi Bar & Restaurant
4075 St.Catherine St.West, Montreal; 514 932-5654

Mikado Restaurant
5515 Monkland, Montreal; 514 369-3659

Miso Restaurant
4000 Sainte-Catherine West, Montreal; 514 908-6476

Na Go Ya Restaurant
140 Notre-dame W, Montreal; 514 845-5864

Osaka Restaurant
2137 Bleury, Montreal; 514 849-3438

Restaurant Azuma
5263 St-Laurent, Montreal; 514 271-5263

Restaurant Japonais Akita
166 Prince Arthur Est, Montreal; 514 499-8412

Restaurant Sho-Dan
1425 Boul René-Lévesque O, Montreal; 514 871-0777

Suisha Gardens
1260 Mackay, Montreal; 514 931-4001

Takara Restaurant Japonais
1455 Peel, Montreal; 514 849-9796

Tokyo Sukiyaki Restaurant
7355 Mountain Sights, Montreal; 514 737-7245

Toyo Grillade a La Japonaise Restaurant
2155 de la Montagne, Montreal; 514 844-9292

Yoko Restaurant
4747 Rue Jean-Talon Est, Montreal; 514 722-9656

Yuukai Restaurant
5658 Parc, Montreal 514 278-4572

Market Cuisine:

Mess Hall Restaurant
4858, Sherbrooke W, corner Victoria, Westmount, Montreal; 514-482-2167

McKiernan, Luncheonette
2485 Notre-Dame Ouest, Atwater Market, Montreal
Métro Lionel-Groulx
Phone: 514-759-6677

Joe Beef Restaurant
2491 Notre Dame Street W, Montreal; 514-935-6504

Garde-Manger Restaurant
408 St-François-Xavier, Old Montreal; Phone: 514-678-5044

BaZaAR Anise Restaurant Information
104 rue Laurier Ouest, Outremont, Montreal
Telephone: 514-276-6999
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 6L00 pm – midnight

Beniamino & Co. Take-Out Lunch Restaurant
455 Viger West, Square Victoria, Montreal
Phone: 514-861-7770
Hours: Mon – Fri: 7:00 am -7 pm, Food served at lunch 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Mexican Cuisine:

Taqueria La Nacion Restaurant
1850 Ste. Catherine W., Montreal; 514-931-2956

3 Amigos Restaurant
1657 Sainte-Catherine W, corner Guy, Montreal; 514-939-3329

Portuguese Cuisine:

Jano Restaurant
3883 St Laurent, corner des Pins, Montreal; 514-849-0646

Chez Doval Restaurant Information
150, rue Marie-Anne Est, Plateau Montreal, QC; 514-843-3390
Hours: Everyday 12:00 pm – Midnight

Pub Cuisine:

Ye Olde Orchard Pub Monkland
5563 Monkland, NDG, Montreal; Telephone: 514-484-1569

Ye Olde Orchard Pub, Montagne (Downtown)
1189 de la Montagne, corner René Lévesque, Montreal; Telephone: 514-874-1569

Spanish Cuisine:

Pintxo Restaurant
256 Roy E. Montreal; 514-844-0222

Steakhouse Cuisine:

Gibbys Restaurant Saint-Sauveur
414 Principle St, Saint-Sauveur, Quebec; Phone: 514-282-1837

Moishes Montreal restaurant
3961 St Laurent, Plateau, Montreal; Phone: 514-845-3509

Thai / Vietnamese Cuisine:

Lotus Bleu Restaurant
350 Duluth E, corner Drolet, Montreal; 514-843-6183
BYOB – Bring your own Wine

Chez Thai Restaurant Information
1232, Stanley, corner St-Catherine, Downtown Montreal
Telephone: 514-861-5888

Breakfast & Fast Food

Resto Bar Les Princesses d’Hochelaga also Les Princesses Serveuse super Sexy X XX
Les Princesses d’Hochelaga Website
4970 Hochelaga, Montréal; 514-255-0003

Resto Café Oxford Restaurant (Sherbrooke)
5630, Sherbrooke W. corner Oxford, NDG, Montreal; 514-485-5720

Resto Café Oxford Restaurant (Ste-Catherine W.)
2170, Ste-Catherine West, corner Lambert-Closs, Montréal; 514-939-1600

Bagel Etc. Restaurant
4320, Saint Laurent, corner Marie-Anne, Montreal; 514-845-9462

Dupond & Dupont Restaurant
1297 Canora, corner Cornwall, Town of Mont-Royal, Montreal; 514-739-9998

La Banquise Restaurant
994 Rachel E, Montreal; 514-525-2415

Pizza Chez Danny Restaurant
De la Montagne, corner St-Catherine, Montreal

Patati Patata Restaurant
4177 St-Laurent, corner Rachel, Montreal; 514-844-0216

Caffe Mille Grazie
8 Fairmount, corner of Clark, Montréal

Pizza Pita Restaurant
6415 Decarie, Montreal; Phone Number: 514-731-PITA (7482)

Le Pistou Restaurant Déjeuner
4489, rue de la Roché, corner Mont Royal, Montreal; Phone: 514-527-2900

Soup Soup Restaurant
80 Duluth E., Plateau, Montreal; Phone: 514-380-0880

L’Avenue Restaurant, Montreal
922, avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Plateau, Montreal; Phone: 514-523-8780

5 Saisons Buffet
1250 Avenue Greene, Westmount, Montreal; 514-931-0249, 514-931-5499

Quoi De N’Oeuf Montreal Information
2613 Notre-Dame st W. Cross Street: Atwater, Montreal
Phone: 514-931-3999

Cosmos Restaurant Information
5843 Sherbrooke West, Notre Dame de Grace (NDG), Montreal
Phone: 514-486-3814

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  • Caitlin

    I need advice on a moroccan restaurant pls.
    Which one is the best in the city?

  • mikey

    the name “koj’s” was dropped from the restaurants name in 1997, we go by Kaizen Sushi Bar & Restaurant for the last 10 years,
    I love your site, nice job!

  • Bus Boy Bob

    Thanks for the information, the Kaizen listing has been updated.

  • Ali

    Why don’t you add Tao to the Chinese Cusine ???

    I happen to know a couple people that love it there.

    It is on Victoria and Sherbrooke

    Happy Eating

  • cher

    just wanted to let u know i went to this great little italian place on Crescent the other day called Angelo’s…it was amazing.
    have the mussels, minestrone soup, and well we shared like 6 plates of pasta and all where amazing. really good.
    check it out.
    i want to make it my weekday lunch place, the prices where amazing.
    anyway hope u enjoy it as much as we did.

  • lahcen beqqi

    Hi ,
    I enjoyed looking at this culinary web site , I like it I will try to put some moroccan recipes later

  • Plante

    Do you have a list of great cheesecake or pizza places?

  • Tasha

    Can you suggest a really amazing gourmet restaurant, something on par with Nobu?

  • nazish

    Hmmm, lemme tel you that if you like indian food, you’re in for a very special treat Sit down @ kashmir and relax after ice skating at patinoire bonaventure or after having walked along old port and worry about nothing… The waiters are very nice and smiling, always caring about what your needs may be ( and I don’t say this lightly ‘cuz it’s one of the biggest complain I have usually in other restaurants, with waiters as joyful as prison doors lol ) Anyway, me and my girlfriend took a menu table d’hote each that night and everything, the setting, the food, the view was nice. Don’t think, just go there now and enjoy yourself ;p

  • david tile

    can someone tell me if they are still open.

    Greek Corner Restaurant
    Hermes Restaurant
    1014 Jean Talon West, Montreal; 514 272-3880

    • Chef Deck

      I believe Hermes closed

  • Em

    Great site. Lots of interesting new places to try!

    Would it be possible to for you to map these restaurants onto a Google ‘user-created map’ – maybe one day when you are feeling un-hungry…..I always wish I had a map of nearby restaurants when I am in the car. Google lets you print the map with the names and addresses of all the places below it. Very cool I have to say….

  • kikoo

    I m looking for Moroccan restaurant at Montreal
    someone can help ?

  • onemontrealgirl

    Try Phuket for Thai and Sushi, very very very good

  • gstar

    As for Moroccan restaurants you can try cous cous royale on Duluth it is a pretty good Moroccan BYOW

  • jessejames

    This website is great!
    I'm looking for a Japanese restaurant in Montreal where the chef(s) are cooking live in front of the audience–doing spectacular tricks etc. Anyone?

  • mjhs

    Best Moroccan in MTL is l'etoile de tunis on St. Zotique. Pricey but good and authentic.

  • JohnG2009

    Type your comment here.

    Gourmet Hot & Spicy (Chinese) is still Open. It has not closed. Please update your information! By the way the food is FABULOUS!

    October 22, 2009

  • denislachapelle

    Hi everybody! You should all try Sata Sushi in Hochelaga Maisonneuve! Its my fav spot to eat sushi! Its a nice trendy and chill resto with good sushi! Enjoy :)

  • denislachapelle

    Hi everybody! You should all try Sata Sushi in Hochelaga Maisonneuve! Its my fav spot to eat sushi! Its a nice trendy and chill resto with good sushi! Enjoy :)

  • Vestea8

    Hi everyone, though Restaurant La Menthe Poivrée is not listed in the French cuisine section, it is one of the best french restaurant I have seen in Montreal. I definitely recommmend it. is their website.

  • Zoiks!

    Le Grain de Sel is rated #1 restaurant in Montreal on TripAdvisor, it’s not listed on this website either. I have been there 4 times and it is rated #1 for a reason..
    What a wonderful place!

  • shane is here for a great up to date site on reviews of restaurants in the Madison metro area. With a love for food and a desire to let others know of great new places

  • Jess

    As much as I do know: google places listing are a good choice for enterprise and so are an essential component of any company’s via the internet awareness.

  • Aa

    This is basically a list of all restaurant that exists in Montreal :(

  • Mtl4517

    I am looking for Indonesian Restaurant in downtown area, any suggestion?

    • Vera Mellyana Ekaputra

      Gado Gado Indonesian Restaurant on Mackay.

  • nancy

    January 31, 2015…Horrible experience at Casa de Mateo. 1st the surliest of waitresses sits us near
    the front door that get very cold every time someone opens it to come in. We ask to move and she refuses. Maybe we should have insisted more like at
    least 4 other groups did and whom where moved accordingly. The waitress never smiles or is in any way
    courteous. While we are still figuring out what we want to eat, she stands at
    our table and states that we’d better order now before it gets too busy (it’s
    only 5:30!!). She then stands there
    until we make a decision (several minutes).
    She will not leave without an order.
    The appetizers came and they were ok. We shared the mixed tasting
    plate. The ceviche was good and so was
    the guacamole. She never comes by for
    wine order so I went to the bar to order the wine. The waitress comes to take away the appetizer
    which we were obviously still not finished.
    Asks it we are finished and we said no.
    Seems to want us to hurry out of there. We are three mature women who
    are not making noise or causing a raucous, so I have no idea why she is so
    nasty with us. Another waitress comes to
    take away the appetizer plate and she comes by with the mains. I ordered shrimps cooked in tequila with a
    creamy tomato sauce. What I got was
    overcooked shrimps that were so unbelievably salty (and I love salt! I tend to over salt everything!). I had to mask the shrimp saltiness with a
    squeeze of lemon and hot sauce. The side
    salad has no dressing, just a couple of leaves and 3 pieces of tomato and one
    tiny piece of cucumber. I only slightly tasted the rice and I can safely say
    that my husband makes a much better Mexican rice. One person had the appetizer quesadilla
    filled with goat cheese, mexian cheese and fresh spinach. The other had the
    shredded beef tacos and said that they were awful. We were so cold that we were all looking
    forward to either coffee or tea but of course the waitress never came. So I asked the bartender again to help out. Only then did she show up and said “what do
    you want” but not in a nice way. I asked
    for the tea and coffee. She ignored the question about more milk, so again we
    asked another waitress and the bartender.
    This was getting so ridiculous. Either
    she was not responsive or when she was she was nasty and rude. Of course she
    was a no show when it was time to pay the bill. So we started putting on our
    coats and she came round when (I assume)
    another waitress said that we were leaving.
    She told us that we had to pay on the other side. I wanted to pay with cash, which seemed to
    put her out because she had to get change. She asked me if I wanted changed (I gave her $60
    and the bill was $48, of course I wanted change). She asked me how much I wanted back. I said I wanted it all back. I gave her a $3 tip (and that was way too
    much for such horrible, surly service).
    I’ll never go back……. What a horrible experience!

  • Jeff Smith You will find the list of the best restaurant in Quebec

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