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Mechant Boeuf Montreal

April 30th, 2009 · Montreal Restaurants, Steak

Mechant Boeuf Restaurant Montreal Exterior Image

On Montreal Restaurant Mechant Boeuf Bar & Brasserie Chef Deck says:

Angry beefs are few and far between. As a child I used to go Vermont where my cousin and I would go cow tipping, four wheeling in the pastures, and have occasional b.b. assaults on the poor animals (I’m sorry PETA, I do feel regret to this day). Even with that constant harassment the beefs remained truly docile, and never became so called angry beefs. At Mechant Boeuf Montreal, this is not the case. This is because since the silver fox and his team took over they’ve been angrier then Howlin’ Wolf, for finally they’re being whipped into shape. The quality of this beef house restaurant has gone up by miles. I had the tartar app (tuna, salmon, and beef) which was excellent, an amazing burger (with Gorgonzola and bacon served medium unlike mbgr restaurant), a so so New York strip, and the pièce de résistance, one of the best filet mignons in Montreal with a pepper sauce. So silver fox, keep those beefs angry because restaurant Mechant Boeuf is back on my list!

Tastiness: 8.4124124114/10
Ambience: casse-croûte meet the Q/10
Price: $20-$30 a person/10

Chef Deck Signing out!

Méchant Boeuf Bar & Brasserie Restaurant Information

124, Saint-Paul West, corner St-Sulpice, (attached to the Nelligan hotel)
Old Montreal, Québec
Phone: 514-788-2040
Hours: Diner, Sun – Wed, 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Thurs – Sat, 5:00 pm to 1:00 am
Payment: Credit Card, Interac, Cash
Cuisine: Burger, Steak, Casual

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Momesso’s Restaurant Montreal

April 20th, 2009 · Fast Food, Italian Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

Momesso's Restaurant Exterior Image

On Montreal Restaurant Momesso’s Chef Deck Says:

Sergio Momesso might not have been the best Montreal hockey player in the world but his legacy lives on through his faultless sub. In my humble opinion Momesso’s Restaurant has by far the greatest Montreal sub I ever tasted. I have only ever experienced their sausage sub, because once you go spicy sausage, you can never go back. The meat is so succulent, the spice is just right, the bread has the ideal crisp, and the coleslaw brings together the medley of perfection. I’m also smitten with their onion rings which add to the overall utopia of flavors. So to finish if you or anyone out there wants a real legacy (not a commercial Wayne Gretzky one) stuff that sausage and that sausage will stuff you!

Food: 9.2323324422/ 10
Atmosphere: The Montreal Forum/ 10
Price: $10-$15 a person/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Momesso’s Restaurant Information

5562 Upper Lachine Road, NDG, Montreal
Phone  514-484-0005 
Hours: 7 am – Midnight (hours can vary), Closed Sunday
Cusine: Italian sandwich, Cafe, Esspresso

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Le Roi du Wonton Montreal

April 16th, 2009 · Asian Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

Cabbage with Pork Dumplings Image, Le Roi du Wonton 
On Montreal restaurant Le Roi du Wonton guest reviewer the butcher says:

Forget what you think you might know, because you really know nothing. This restaurant embodies that which is truly special about the Montreal food scene. Forget the expensive joints like Au Pied de Cochon, or the poor attempts at authenticity or the upscale trendy restos. Frankly, many other cities out do us here. Montreal restaurants are absolutely special when it comes to the hole-in-the wall, authentic, and inexpensive home-cooked cuisines. Le Roi du Wonton offers home-cooked Taiwanese meals like your Taiwanese grandmother would have made if you had a Taiwanese grandmother. Every component of every dish is made fresh on the spot, from the dough of the dumpling to that which the dumpling is stuffed with. In most places, especially the larger ones, this is unheard of.

This place knows their dumplings and offers the best Montreal Taiwanese dumplings you will find. We started with cabbage pork dumplings, beef dumplings, shrimp dumplings, Taiwanese pancake and baby wontons with peanut butter sauce. If you have to choose one, I strongly recommend you go with the cabbage pork dumpling it is their specialty and by far the best. We then gorged on twice cooked pork served on a bed of freshly made wheat noodles, a marinated baked chicken thigh and plate of tender stewed beef and vegetables. All the dishes were tasty. The pork was well spiced, fried with a sort of black bean paste. The chicken leg was a treat, it was extremely tender, it wouldn’t have mattered if I chewed it or just swallowed the morsels whole. The beef too was very tender, with large lean chunks generously pilled over vegetables, rice and a small chive omelet.

The Taiwanese lady, herein referred to as the Taiwanese lady, ensured that our teapot was always replenished; the steady supply is probably the only thing that allowed us to eat this insanely massive meal and survive. The feast ended with complimentary, perfect little, still warm short-bread cookies.

Le Roi du Wonton is authentic. Unless you were born of a Taiwanese mother, shut up and enjoy your meal….like I said: you know nothing. Let me be straight with you, don’t bring your date here, this place is as ugly as a toothless over-aged stripper from Boucherville. But bring your girlfriend, because you can fill her up for just under 10 bucks.

Authenticity: Taiwanese music playing from an 80’s tape deck/10
Tastiness: 9.9999 depending on how much you like Taiwanese food/10
Price: $6 and up – doesn’t get any cheaper than this for real food/10

You’ve just been slaughtered, butcher out!

Restaurant Le Roi du Wonton Information

2125 St-Marc, Downtown Montreal, Qc.
Metro: Guy-Concordia
Phone: 514-937-5479
Payment: Interac, Cash
Hours: Mon – Sat: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm, Closed Sunday

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Greasy Spoon Restaurant

April 11th, 2009 · Market, Montreal Restaurants

Greasy Spoon Restaurant Montreal Sign Image

On Montreal Restaurant Greasy Spoon Chef Deck says,

Market fresh is the new word in Montreal and it’s catching on fire like Charlie Sheen’s underwear. Montreal is kickin it back to the basics and many Montreal restos (Kitchen Gallerie, Joe Beef) are seeing the value in an ever changing menu according to the day’s best ingredients. Greasy Spoon restaurant is a fine example of this trend and I Chef Deck welcome it with open arms. It’s hard for me to judge the food because we opted for a tuna melt to start which was delicious, and were then tantalized by the seafood platter. Let me rephrase, this was not a platter but a three tiered oceanic smorgasbord of greatness (though a bit pricey for the portion). It had a selection of oysters, crisp shrimp, snow crab, and the coveted stone crab (yes those free lovin creatures that are protected by only having one claw snapped off at a time so they can roam like Ash until it grows back and can be snapped again!). One another note the atmosphere, music, and bar is great, though I feel that they can go harder on the beverages (and I’m sure the terrace will be kick ass in the summer).

Food: I pray with all my heart that it is amazing though the well-cooked seafood is a good sign / 10
Atmosphere: Irish pub, meets Alberta steak house, meets Garde Manger, meets the Cat Room/ 10
Price: $10-$15 apps and $20-$30 mains/ 10

Chef Deck signing out!

Greasy Spoon Restaurant Information

160 Laurier O, corner St-Urbain, Mile-End, Plateau-Mont-Royal
Montreal, QC
Métro: Laurier
Telephone: 514-495-7666
Hours: Tues – Sat: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am (midnight), Sun 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Closed Monday

Payment: Cash, Interac, Visa, MC

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Decarie Hot Dog Restaurant

April 1st, 2009 · Casse-Croûte, Fast Food, Montreal Restaurants

Closeup Hot Dog Image at Decarie Hot Dog

Montreal Restaurant Decarie Hot Dog Chef Deck says:

Teenage flashbacks of french fries, burgers, hotdogs, orange fizzy boobelach, and ever growing boy boobs fill my mind with endorphins. In my opinion Decarie Hotdog is the best Montreal casse-croute and the best in Quebec south of the Laurentians (shout out to 100% Boeuf). I love it as much as Bukowski loves the booze and broads. Some Montreal restos have a better poutine (like Patati Patata), some may have better burgers (like Le Paryse), but none have a better overall package (just ask Chef Shmuts). I thank my mommy and daddy for letting me grow up so close to this fine establishment, and pray that my children will grow portly on Decarie Hotdog too.

Tastiness: 8.832542358252/10
Drinks: old world bottles of divinity/10
Price: under $10 a person/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Decarie Hot Dog Restaurant Information

953, boulevard Décarie, Corner Edouard-Laurin, Saint-Laurent
Montreal, QC
Metro: Du College
Phone: 514-748-7213
Payment: Cash Only
Hours: 7 days a week: 6 am – 1 am
Cuisine Type: Hot Dogs, Burgers, Poutine

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Restaurant Hoai Huong Review

March 27th, 2009 · Asian Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

Restaurant Hoai Huong Exterior Image

On Montreal Restaurant Hoai Huong Chef Deck says:

P.E.T.A activists like pho fur, some women like pho nails, some men like pho hair, and some Brett Michaels like pho breasts, but Chef Deck is tired of only Pho Vietnamese Restaurants popping up on every Montreal street corner. For this reason Vietnamese restaurant Hoai Huong is one of my all time favorites in Montreal (don’t get me wrong I love Pho Bang but I need a little change). Though Hoai Huong does have delicious soups their meals are what make them truly spectacular. I adore their lemongrass chicken, perfect imperial rolls, bird nest, the pancake meal, and just about everything they have to serve. They remind me of a restaurant in New York called Saigon Grill that never disappoints. So pho sho sho I will frequent Hoai Huong until the day I’m to fat to get out of bed (unless they start to deliver)!

Tastiness: 8.934583433/10
Parking: beware of other driver’s/10
Price: $10-$15-$20 a person/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Restaurant Hoai Huong Information

5485 Victoria, corner St-Kevin, Montréal, QC H3W 2P9
Métro: Côte-Ste-Catherine
Téléphone: 514-738-6610
Hours: Tues – Thurs 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm; Fri – Sun 11:00 am – 10:00 pm, Closed Monday
Payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Interac, Cash
Cuisine: Vietnamese

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Eatwellmontreal Eating Club

March 25th, 2009 · Montreal Restaurant News

On the eatwellmontreal eating club Chef Deck says:

EatwellMontreal is calling out all the horizontally challenged, bulimics, and those skinny people who go 5-10 times a day (with huge appetites), to join our eatwellmontreal eating club.

The goal of the eating club is to go to all you can eat restaurants across the city, and literally eat them out of all there food stock. We will reserve restaurants to capacity and pile in the biggest eaters in Montreal to give them one night of regret a year for offering all you can eat.

To join the club please rsvp to or join the eatwellmontreal eating club group on facebook.

By the way our first event is at Restaurant Le Milsa on April 16th June 18th at 7:00pm so hop to it and join our cult.

Chef Deck signing out!

UPDATE: The date of the event has been changed due to the playoff game of nos amours. The event will now be held June 18th 2009, 7:00 om

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La Louisiane Restaurant

March 22nd, 2009 · Montreal Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants

La Louisiane Steak

On La Louisiane restaurant Montreal Chef Deck says:

Austin Leslie would’ve been proud of restaurant La Louisiane last week because the food was in my opinion almost perfect. The problem with this Montreal cajun, creole restaurant is that eating here is about as consistent as Ray Charles’ dart game. On this particular occasion we started with the firecracker shrimp which were battered, deep fried, shrimpsensations. One main we ate was the prime rib and it was just amazing (seasoned, cooked a perfect medium rare, and as tender as a Roy Orbison ballad). For the other main we had a baked salmon filet in a dill crust with a roaster red pepper sauce that was truly out of this world. I hope with all my heart that La Louisiane keeps it up because last weeks meal was one to remember.

Tastiness: 8.92691273 /10 (sometimes 6.1213132442/10)
Drinks: Rampage Jackson / 10
Price: avg $20 mains /10

Chef Deck signing out!

La Louisiane, Montreal Information

5850 Sherbrooke Street West, NDG
Montreal, Quebec
Metro: Vendome
Telephone: 514-369-307
Hours: Monday: Sun, Tues, Wed: 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm, Thurs: 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm, Fri + Sat: 5:30 pm – 11:00 pm, Closed Monday

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Yoyo Restaurant Montreal

March 17th, 2009 · Bistro Restaurants, BYOB Restaurants, French Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

On Restaurant Yoyo Montreal Chef Deck says:

Yoyo is definitely the appropriate name for this once great Montreal BYOB because it always has had its ups and downs. The problem these days is that the only person playing with the Yoyo is Corky. The menu and food have gone down in terms of quality, originality, and all around tastiness to such a degree that I’m embarrassed by the fact that I’ve recommended it to so many people over the years. On this particular night we started with escargot in an overpowering smoked bacon and beef jus I think, and a goat cheese filled tart (the tart was so store bought) covered in shitake and oyster mushrooms. Both dishes were sub par and overpowered by their sauces to the point that you really couldn’t even taste the ingredients. For the mains we ate a chicken breast (not even gonna describe it because it was overcooked and poopy), and a filet mignon with a béarnaise sauce (sauce was good) that was of the lowest quality meat (kinda like a flank steak that hadn’t been marinated). I was so appalled by the food that we didn’t even get dessert. Yoyo what happened to the ravioli, your great deer medallions, the venison? Are you that cheap now that you can’t buy good ingredients or just that greedy? There is an old folk song called Abby Yoyo and I wish with all my heart that he would show up and swallow your restaurant whole!

Tastiness: About as tasty as Enrique Iglesias’ mole on a platter/10
Service: Still top shelf/10
Price: Overpriced for the quality/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Yoyo Restaurant Information

4720, rue Marquette, (corner Gilford), Plateau, Montréal
Telephone: 514-524-4187
Hours: 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm daily
Payment: Visa, MC, Diners Club, American Express, Interac, Cash
Features: Bring Your Own Wine (BYOB)

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Le Valois Restaurant

March 14th, 2009 · Bistro Restaurants, French Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

LE-Valois-Restaurant Montreal Beef Bavette with fries 
Guest Review by Mitche

My sister choose the restaurant this time and she chose restaurant Le Valois, in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood. (If you want to look cool, just say HoMa.) I love to try restaurants that aren’t downtown, they know that they have to do their best for you to come back… they aren’t full of chicks in stilettos and businessmen who look very, very, busy talking on their Blackberries … the kind of place you feel bad if you’re not dressed up because Ken and Barbie are sitting next to you. Anyway, I went to Le Valois with my family and was pleasantly surprised by this Montreal restaurant. The space is very cozy, full of wood and coloured glass (reminded me of a church). Outside there is a beautiful large terrace in the summer just besides Place Valois, (where there is a William J. Walter Saucissier location…sorry, can’t help it, I love the William Suisse sausages …I even bought some after my meal). The list of wine is quite extensive (2 pages!), and the service is great (cute guy and my sister is single), discreet but always right.

Now, about the FOOD, the cold vichyssoise and the cream of green vegetable was just o.k, the tomatoes were not really “confites” in the puff pastry on confit tomatoes they were just broiled. The herring tartar with green apples was too salty for my taste, and tasted like a dill pickle ( my father loved it). The goat cheese with honey and thyme was good but oily. I also did not like the fact that it was in a phyllo pastry and they put a whole stem of thyme (I had to perform an operation to get it out). Overall, I was not extremely impressed by the appetizers, but my palate liked it, so it couldn’t have been too bad. For the mains, the beef “bavette” was good and the fries came with a homemade mayonnaise. The chicken with mango salsa was good but gave me a sense of déjà vu. The confit duck leg was succulent and I personally liked it the most; it was served on a bed of hot slices of green apples and an outstanding aragula salad. For dessert, I suggest you try the pound cake served with a shot of Bailey’s, the cake was very scrumptious, (I normally hate cake but I do like alcohol).

The restaurant is an intimate and fun to place be in. They made an effort on the presentation (decor, food, everything), and it was worth it. A definite plus, parking meters are free on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays! The bathrooms are clean (although downstairs and a long walk).

Everything is good, but not great. There is no sparkle, nothing special … they could do a little bit better. I think I am going to try it 2 or 3 times before I can really say if I like it or not. But, on the whole, it’s okay, and like I said, the waiter was cute … so I don’t mind going back!

For two: 50$-60$, wine and tax included, tip not.

7 days a week, 8 am to 11 pm.

25 Place Simon-Valois (near 3809 Ontario)
Phone: 514.528.0202

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