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Pho Lien Restaurant Review

July 6th, 2007 · 17 Comments · Asian Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants

Pho Lien Restaurant

Pho Lien Restaurant Chef Deck Says:

Mr. Pho Lien, you’re in my top 5 Montreal Vietnamese restaurant favorites for good reason. You’re always consistently good and in my opinion have one of the best lemon grass chicken in Montreal (except for maybe Hoai Huong on Victoria, Montreal). All your tonkinese soups are great, especially your weekend spicy soup (WSS), sooooooo fabulous, fresh, and so clean (but if u want the best WSS go to Pho Bang on Côte-des-Neiges). I guess your only drawback is that your appetizers are just standard, and your bean drink doesn’t have enough slimy green, red, and yellow things. All and all kind Sir, hats off to ya.

Cleanliness: 9.12131/10
Tastiness: 8.1131236/10
The fact that there’s always something interesting to look at due to the fortunate fact that there’s a lot of crazy people across the street: I’m sorry for being so insensitive/10

Chef Deck signing out!

Spring Roll, Pho Lien Restaurant Lemon Grass Chicken, Pho Lien Pho Lien Restaurant seating area Pho Soup, Pho Lien Terrasse, Pho Lien

Pho Lien Restaurant

Address : 5703-B Cote Des Neiges, corner Côte-Ste-Catherine, Montréal;
Téléphone : 514-735-6949

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  • Gus

    Good food but i prefer the place next door (saigon something better)

  • Jude

    try this place:

    Café Banh Mi Linh (Metro Jarry)
    8084 Lajeunesse
    -No MSG!
    – they don’t have a huge selection, but for what they make.. it’s damn good
    -broth made from real meat and bones
    -100% family operated
    -it’s connected right into Metro Jarry
    -they definitely make the best subviet (viet submarines) and best pho

  • Chef Deck

    Thanks Jude… me i’m a big Vietnamese junky and i’ll post many more of my favs.

    Thanks for the recommendation ill try it out next week

  • Nicholas Robinson

    Wow, Pho Lien . . . where I met my girlfriend (but I only had a beer–more fool me! I’ll have to go back).

  • Boris Anthony

    @Jude the “Banh Mi” in the title refers to what you call “subviet” (which is a new one for me. cute!)

    this city is packed with awesome vietnamese pho joints, pretty much all of them family or individually owned by people who take their food seriously (enough to not need MSG, btw. 😉

    @Nicholas definitely worth trying out. It was my fave for a long while before moving on.

  • Arthur Nguyen

    I’m actually Vietnamese and this is the best Pho restaurant I’ve been to in a while :)

  • Marie

    I’ve tried Pho Lien a few times and I was so sick after because I think they put so much msg in there soup. So my friend (who’s vietnamese) recommend me a small restaurant on cotes des neiges street named Dao Vien vnow it’s my turn to recommend it to you, it’s definitely the best vietnamese restaurant in Montreal :)

  • Koopseh

    i went there,
    very nice indeed

  • Duc Hoang

    The best place to go for the TRADITIONAL vietnamese soup is BUN VIET (Bun = Vermicelli and Viet = Vietnamese’s). The restaurant is located near by St-Hubert and Jean-Talon corner. It is on St-Hubert. A family operated business. All vietnamese go here for a great taste of soup (5 kinds). The restaurant is face to the Payless Shoe store on ST-Hubert.

  • k dien

    I second the comment about Bun Viet restaurant. I have yet to find any other place in Montreal that serves very authentic soups like this. Bun Viet is to die for.
    Hu Tieu is very hard to come by in Montreal. All the places in China town and on Cote-des-Neiges cater to what they think the masses want. They serve pho, maybe a chicken soup, and nothing else unique is on the menu. Boring! Do these restaurant owners ever travel outside Quebec to see what vietnamese restaurants in other cities are doing? Montreal is always known for its fine restaurants, but people are really missing out. We're living in a bubble and don't care to know anything different.

  • K

    I used to love this place, but seriously, the service is crap and makes all the difference. Now, my #1 go-to restaurant when I'm in a dire need of vietnamese food is Hoai Huong. Highly recommended!

  • K

    I used to love this place, but seriously, the service is crap and makes all the difference. Now, my #1 go-to restaurant when I'm in a dire need of vietnamese food is Hoai Huong. Highly recommended!

  • mike

    i got take out once and they forgot to put beef in the soup,so i called and they said they would credit me the next time i ate there(i was a regular)when i returned a few days later they offered me 50 cents!Needless to say that was the last time i ate there…too bad the food is pretty good but the owners don't give a shit about loyal custumors,too cocky i guess when business is good.

  • Ofchange

    Service has gotten bad over the years and prices are not nearly as competitive nowadays as they were in the past with other vietnamese restaurants in Côte-des-Neiges or Montreal. I first ate there about 12 years ago and was a regular for many years. They’re surely making lots of money on this tiny restaurant with none of it being reinvested on decoration. Riding on their old reputation I guess. People still flock to eat soup, but they should try Bun Viet, Hoai Huong, My Canh, Pho Tay Ho…
    It’s really not that hard to find good soup in Montreal! (btw I’m Viet)

  • Cu

    it’s so dirty in there! The soup is too salty and dirty. Whenever I eat there, I feel sick t  my stomach! No money is invested in cleaniness or decoration or training the workers properly. Flies flying everywhere. Never want to go back again.