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Resto Quoi De N’Oeuf

October 6th, 2007 · 13 Comments · Breakfast Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants


On Quoi De N’Oeuf restaurant Montreal, Chef Deck Says:

You all know how I fancy restaurant Toi Moi et Cafe but i have to say that it’s a real tossup when comparing it to restaurant Quoi de N’Oeuf, that’s just a hope skip and a jump away. The skillet omelettes are a nice twist on traditional omelettes and come highly recommended (try Le Reine). Everything else on the menu is always fresh and delicious but I personally feel lacks that certain je ne c’est quoi. Another plus is artwork on the walls from the gallery down the street (just think you can be the proud owner of reddish green on canvas).

Wait staff: rainbow friendly/10
Food: 8.0000001/10

Chef Deck Signing out!

Quoi De N’Oeuf Montreal Information

2613 Notre-Dame st W. Cross Street: Atwater, Montreal
Phone: 514-931-3999
Payment: Major Credit Cards, Interac

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  • Steve Younge

    Quoi De N’Oeuf is always a solid breakfast choice. Good food and the prices are reasonable too.

  • Sou Chef Shtook

    The breakfast was very solid, but the cheese sauce can get nausiating, I recomend sticking with the swiss.

    Otherwise, the place is great.

  • gutenmter

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  • butterquifly

    Please, I you are going to use French words at least spell correctly! Ha!

  • Oliver

    This is by far the best value , taste and friendly breakfast option in Montreal.
    Have never , ever had a poor experience, never feel rushed even when it is packed, waitstaff understand the importance of service and the cooks show great attention to detail.

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  • CoSmIcReD

    ive been here 2x so far and loved it both times. i am an avid breakfast eater. i love making it , ordering it in and going out to eat it. possible my favourite meal of the day! so, when i found 3 spots all within a block of each other and close to where i live you can imagine how happy i was! i have yet to try the other 2 as they were closed at 2 pm (ya ya hangovers suck) but i made it to Quoi De N’Oeuf before they stopped their brek menu and was greeted by super friendly staff. i had an omlette with mushrooms and asparagus that was deeeeelish!

    • Chef Deck

      Now you gotta go try Toi Moi et Cafe

    • Chef Deck

      Now you gotta go try Toi Moi et Cafe

  • Chef Deck

    Now you gotta go try Toi Moi et Cafe

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  • Sandy

    just shit and Gays!!!…no good food!!! ….

  • Simon

    terrible breakfast, terrible waiters, way too expensive for what it is! And there is always a big muscular guy doing nothing but staring angrily at his waiters; never smiling to customers… Ive been told its the owner! I rather go to Toi et moi or even better, the Midi 6, a few blocks west of Atwater! These guys are the real thing!