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Taqueria La Nacion

May 30th, 2007 · 7 Comments · Mexican Restaurants, Montreal Restaurants


UPDATE:  Taqueria La Nacion has sadly closed

Bus Boy Bob Says,

For those of you who think authentic Mexican is a bland fajita and a watery margarita in a giant glass then you’ve snorted one too many jalapeños my friend. Real Mexican food has arrived in Montreal and the matador’s waving his red sign at the charging bulls down the street… toro. Your not gonna find sombreros or silly coloured drinks with zero alcohol to get your date drunk;. You will discover homemade green and red salsa, and the finest tacos in the city. Just great food, try the Enchilada with Green Salsa if you like something spicy. No booze yet but liquor license expected in July.

La Nacion Restaurant Chipotle Soup Enchilada with Green Salsa Steak and Cheese La Nacion Restaurant Window

Taqueria La Nacion Restaurant
1850 Ste. Catherine W., Montreal; 514-931-2956
Hours: Weekdays 11 am –11 pm, Weekends 12 pm –1 am

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  • Leila

    I’m so sad, but they are closed forever. It was so cool to go there for really good, cheap food and be able to catch some soccer as well!

  • jeff

    yeah, actually the owner of this place was my roomate, all our friends were involve in the opening of the place and to create this real, no bullshit mexican food. but guess what? the owner of the locals was leasing the place over three times the market value, my friend was inexperienced as me and all of us. so they scam us! no possible to pay 8000 dlls a rent, when the guy on front just pays 3.500.
    hope is going to open again….w

  • arlen

    Someone to find out if this place this one in revenue or in sale since the information that they have in the windows of the place is incorrect and I am interested in the place.

  • mayhem

    i want this opened again ………..

  • Itacate

    Hi there, I unfortunatley haven't had time to try this place before it closed. But I agree with you about the taste of a real homemade green salsa! My favorite plate is Chilaqules which is basically this green sauce over nachos, served with chicken, pork, or even eggs for breakfast.

    I's like you to try the new on Beaubien st. We get alot of great comments about our food. I'm sure you would like it!

  • melani1

    I miss this little restaurant :( Used to have lunch their twice a month.

  • melani1

    I miss this little restaurant :( Used to have lunch their twice a month.